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It could be worse

I don’t have much to say today other than it’s raining outside and I refuse to let it rain inside too. I know that’s something easier said than done but regardless of how things look, I’m determined to find the good around me...

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I didn’t choose this life with MS

I woke up this morning yet again to the reality of Multiple Sclerosis. Sometimes it feels like I'm stuck in the movie Groundhog Day. Do you remember that movie? Every morning the alarm clock would go off and the same day would begin...over and over and over...

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What Others Say About Us

Thank you for your wonderful positive thoughts. I am generally a positive person and reading your posts underpin that…Thank you!

RachelLincolnshire, UK

God bless your warm heart Penelope. You have helped me so much with my MS because you’re going through it with me. You encourage me to stay strong. I love your JOY. Thank you for spreading the positive instead of the negative.

SarahOhio, USA

Everyday you make me smile….I cant wait to hear your goofy antics for the day. You make me LAUGH, LOVE, plus you’re inspirational. THANK YOU! You’re a BLESSING truly!

JustineArizona, USA

I look forward to your delightful insights to living with MS. I try to keep things positive, but I need positive reinforcement from someone like you each day so the smile I have always loved on my face doesn’t disappear.

SharonOklahoma, USA