Where’s the easy button?

I wish life had an easy button. It seems lately nothing is easy. I wake up each morning and the act of simply getting out of bed is a task that sometimes is a bit too much to deal with. And that’s just the start of the day. Add to it everything else that takes place until the sun goes down and I would have to say life can be unfair, ugly, hateful and downright cruel.

But you know, if all you focus on is how hard things are and how bad you have it, you will miss out on the sweet moments in your day that bring a bit of sunshine. Things like the laughter of a child, birds singing in the trees, the comfort of a newly made bed, a phone call from a dear friend, a song, fresh baked bread, new shoes, a day off from work…so many things we miss each day all because we are focused on the wrong things.

Yes, the storms in life are real and they sometimes hit one after another after another. Sometimes they are tsunamis. Other times they are a combination of tornadoes mixed with blizzards and freakish lightning. They defy logic and even the laws of nature. They follow no rules and have the worst timing of anything in existence.

Yet through it all, in every storm, there are moments of calm. Don’t let the bigness of the storm you are in keep you from seeing something of value in your day. Don’t let it cloud your thinking or discourage you from doing something great today. Pause and enjoy those precious moments because they come quickly and don’t linger long.

Storms come and storms go. Hard times happen. That’s just how life is. Take things one step at a time and when they get to be too much, pause and look for the calm. It’s there.

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About the Author
About the Author
Penelope Conway

Penelope Conway
Penelope started Positive Living with MS as a way to help others with MS stay positive in the midst of a terrible disease. She believes that staying positive and holding onto hope is the key to waking up each morning with the strength to get through the day. Multiple Sclerosis may never go away, but neither will her determination and her drive to help others through the journey.

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  1. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    As I have written earlier I have a wife who is suffering from a BAD start to her first twenty two years. The Memeris of that time re flooding back and causing another set of problems.like pushing me off the bed in a morning greeting. I had no chance to get out of bed so it was not a terrible thing just a touch funny.But getting back to what I wrote it has been hard to deal with my problems and dealing with hers as well. But I know we’ll make it somehow I just don’t know what yet.

  2. Leah
    Leah says:

    I just opened my emails a few minutes ago…we are way past 12pm in Canada…and I’m still lolling in bead…can’t seem to locate that “easy” button today.

  3. Aileen Brown says:

    Hope you are not having a stormy day I would say the sun will shine tomorrow but I live in Scotland and can’t remember a year where it rained so much!!!!

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