Take the time to rest

Take the time to rest

I love it when I actually sleep through the night. It doesn’t happen often, and didn’t happen last night, but I love it when it does. I’m not sure why I couldn’t sleep last night. I even went to bed early…exhausted. It hate how I have times when all I want to do is sleep, and other times when I can’t sleep at all.

Sleep is so underrated and unappreciated. Society has taught us to go, go, go and do, do, do. So much so that taking a time out can be hard to do. It seems to go against everything we have been taught. Somehow sleep has been given a bad stigma and seen as something of little to no importance.

But no matter what others may say, sleep is vital to our health. We even need to take some time in our day to pause and rest. Pausing really isn’t a bad thing. Music has rests in it. Without those pauses, it wouldn’t be music. And bears, well they take really long ones. I use to think it would be wonderful to be a bear and hibernate, now I’m just thankful if I can make it through the night without being interrupted by muscle spasms, pain, and just being uncomfortable. At least with a catheter I have cut down on the multiple bathroom trips.

Sleep…what once was my enemy, has now become my friend. I think sleep has become my favorite thing in life. Well, of course besides coffee and chocolate.

Don’t ever feel bad for needing to nap or for sleeping more than you use to. Allow yourself time to rest. If that means sending the kids out with a friend for the day…then send them. If you need to take the afternoon off from work…then take it. Your kids will enjoy the time out and your work will be there when you get back.

Allow your body time to be rejuvenated and refreshed. With MS, we need sleep more than most people because our bodies are working twice as hard to do just about everything. What better way to be good to yourself than to rest. So put some clean sheets on the bed, pile the pillows up, clear your schedule, turn the phone off, and rest. It does the body good.

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About the Author
About the Author
Penelope Conway

Penelope Conway
Penelope started Positive Living with MS as a way to help others with MS stay positive in the midst of a terrible disease. She believes that staying positive and holding onto hope is the key to waking up each morning with the strength to get through the day. Multiple Sclerosis may never go away, but neither will her determination and her drive to help others through the journey.

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  1. Colleen Fegan
    Colleen Fegan says:

    Im sorry, I HAVE to say it..sleep more than I used to, not use to…..

    I sat down on the couch this morning with coffee and the computer. I open ANY article with a headline about sleep! When my roommate came in the first thing out of my mouth was “I slept through the night for the first time in ?”!!!

    What a difference it makes in my attitude, I am going to try to do the same things tonight as I did last night, but I can’t remember what that was….

  2. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    I can totally agree with you on that idea. My wife has been not well with asthma and a lot of coughing that make sleeping together rather difficult to sustain so she has a comfortable chair at the other end of the house were she can let me sleep. I have use sleeping pills forgetting past the start of sleep but recently I have made it without them and with the return of memories and other systems I have had a few interesting dreams.Some I can relate to but others don’t have a lot of meaning for me.
    However for an active person sleep was not a priority for me. Now I am dealing with MS it has come a need more than want.

    • Shirley
      Shirley says:

      Me too. I can sleep 14 hrs. at nite, then take a nap. I really feel lazy, but the sleep is so soothing, so I just go with it.

      • Cathy Dougherty
        Cathy Dougherty says:

        I’m right there with you Shirley! Eben with medication to keep me awake, in still sleepy!

  3. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    I had a 20 minute nap at college today, headphones in, head on the table & fell asleep xD
    Luckily we were just doing sketchbook workshop! xD

  4. Aileen Brown says:

    From a child if I was unwell I would sleep it off and this has continued now that I have PPMS and suffer from fatigue I sleep lots luckily I only very occasionally get insomnia for which I am greatful I have a bad cold well to be honest I have man flu but have slept at least 16 hours a day since Monday – I no longer try and fight it no point sleeping in a chair when I can be curled up in my bed and yes sleep is a great healer

  5. Nancy J.
    Nancy J. says:

    Yes, indeed, we are all with you on this one! I learned early on with my MS to take a nap when necessary, especially after a night of tossing and turning! Sweet dreams everyone!

  6. Jolie
    Jolie says:

    Perfect timing! I had a horrible time sleeping last night, and I got out of bed early because I just couldn’t sleep anymore and needed to get my kids ready for school. I had pain muscle spasms, and frequent trips to the bathroom at first, but I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get back to sleep this morning. Ah well. I’ll just have to remember to rest later. Thank you for reminding me that I’m not alone today!

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