It takes strength…

There are a lot of things that make us strong. We could spend seven days a week, six hours a day in a gym lifting weights to build our muscles. But having muscles isn’t what makes a person strong. Strength comes from within. It is the kind of thing you can’t teach someone to have. Strength comes through a breaking and then a building up. Strength is made through the experiences of never giving up. Think of it this way…

It takes strength to get knocked down only to get up and keep standing.
It takes strength to not drown in your tears of pain and sorrow.
It takes strength to hold your head high when others don’t seem to care.
It takes strength to wake up each day with a smile regardless of the struggle.
It takes strength to find a song to sing when there’s no music to be found.
It takes strength to give it all you’ve got when you have nothing left to give.
It takes strength to not quit when everything within you is screaming at you “stop”.
It takes strength to look at tomorrow with hope rather than fear and doubt.
It takes strength to show your weaknesses in a perfect minded world.

It takes strength to do a lot of things, but mostly it takes strength to live.

I was always told to get up and make your bed no matter how bad you feel. You have to face the day. Yes, it takes strength…but you are strong! So, so, so strong. Now get up, make your bed and turn your face toward today. Show this day that you can do it. Multiple Sclerosis is your weakness not your strength. Always remember that.

Anyone can give up; it is the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone would expect you to fall apart, now that is true strength. ― Chris Bradford

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About the Author
About the Author
Penelope Conway

Penelope Conway
Penelope started Positive Living with MS as a way to help others with MS stay positive in the midst of a terrible disease. She believes that staying positive and holding onto hope is the key to waking up each morning with the strength to get through the day. Multiple Sclerosis may never go away, but neither will her determination and her drive to help others through the journey.

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  1. Kimberly King Olejniczak says:

    Thank you for you encouraging words & inspiration..trying so desperately to turn this day around.. the pain brought tears steaming down my cheeks as I came down the stairs this morning. Thank you for brightening my day while facing your own challenges.. you are truly appreciated! Hope your day is going well 🙂

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