It’s your time to shine

Are you really going to let life defeat you? You’ve done so much. You’ve fought so hard. You’ve cried so many tears. You’ve climbed so far. Are you really going to give up now?

You may think you can’t go on, but you are capable of so much more. I know you are…and I believe in you even when you can’t find the strength to believe in yourself.

Just because Multiple Sclerosis is a part of your life doesn’t mean your life is over. No matter how difficult today may be for you, you really do have the strength to get through it. And that strength, it’s found inside yourself. You just so happen to carry it with you everywhere you go.

Don’t waste your day feeling sorry for yourself. You are so much more than MS ever will be. MS just happens to be one part of your life, but it’s not who you are. You are more than the pain, more than the weakness, and so much more than the weariness, loneliness and disappointments. You get the amazing opportunity each day to define who you are. Don’t let MS have that job.

Step back and look at your life. Look at all you’ve been through over the years. I know it can seem unfair and even hurt looking back at the hard times you’ve faced, but do you not see the strength you have gained in return for the struggles you’ve endured? You are amazingly strong. Strong like a diamond hidden in the depths of the earth.

Diamonds are created through tremendous heat and massive pressure. There’s no other way for them to become so beautiful. You may not believe me, but you are a beautiful and amazingly rare diamond. You have endured the heat and pressure of some truly awful circumstances…and now it’s your time to shine.

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About the Author
About the Author
Penelope Conway

Penelope Conway
Penelope started Positive Living with MS as a way to help others with MS stay positive in the midst of a terrible disease. She believes that staying positive and holding onto hope is the key to waking up each morning with the strength to get through the day. Multiple Sclerosis may never go away, but neither will her determination and her drive to help others through the journey.

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  1. maria anastasi
    maria anastasi says:

    Thank you Penelope. Every word you said was so true and remind me that you have to stay strong and positive.

  2. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    Yes we all need to shine like diamonds. Even though the song was written for a sick musician I think the words apply to us.
    I’ve been thinking about this MS and came up with this. We are made up of three parts.’
    First there is ME the physical body
    Then MYSELF the emotive person
    Finally I the essence or spirit
    Now we have a forth part which is MS that messed us up
    Lately have been addressing it as a part of me that doesn’t belong and so far it’s working. I mean not fixing me up but stopping making it worse. So far I have stopped some spasticity in my foot and some deferred pain down my right shoulder arm and neck. It seems to work when I tell it to leave me alone.. In don’t know if it will help but it’s worth a try and doesn’t cost the earth lol.

  3. Sandra voitka
    Sandra voitka says:

    i need to take your message and remind myself every day. I will put it on my wall,. Your balance of inspiration and realization…. and back to what makes us human and that is to believe. Your are gifted with your words and deep reflection.

  4. Angie Marsh says:

    Thank you!! Im in tears. And its true, I have fought so hard my whole life and I won’t give up. My 9yr old daughter will see me fight, be happy and be the strongest women I can be.

  5. Roland Clarke
    Roland Clarke says:

    Perfect inspiration to stop me feeling negative. Goes with the blue sky that surprised me after days of rain and overcast weather. Many thanks.

  6. Joe Farman says:

    Hello Penelope, Please feel free to delete this comment after reading it. Are you aware a site called medlineplus(dot)co is circulating clickbait, a post of yours A letter “To whom it may concern”. The group I saw it in have deleted the post an linked to your site instead.

    • Positive Living with MS - Multiple Sclerosis says:

      Those fake sites always plagiarize things. I hate that there are people in this world who do that just for clicks. They try to appear real, but just produce recycled info, and most of it false. This particular one own a boatload of domains and does the same thing to lots of people and try to push MS as lyme disease. Kind of ironic that they promote it as fake yet publish my article (without credit to me) which validates MS.

  7. Christine Moran
    Christine Moran says:

    This post is just perfect for me today; you do it every time; you hit the spot. Thank you x

    • Leslie Hardy says:

      I am alone. No children. Distant relatives far away. Who am I living for? I do enjoy a few days, but if my Lord calls me Home soon, I will go immediately and with a glad heart. <3 I pray I don't have to sin and take this into my own hands because I simply cannot stand it anymore. I live very rustically in rural BC, no running water or washroom. Every drop from the pump must be heated, sponge baths only, laundry outside in the summer in plastic totes and a string from tree to tree. Sounds like Heaven to those without chronic pain, etc. but its just a distraction while I wait to die. Sadly, I left a marriage where there was no issue with money or care ... but my heart was dead. I needed to find myself and get my heart pumping again. That done and over, I have no regrets other than I am having a hard time considering sin and my faith, if I chose to move things along a little by myself. That said, I've tried before, should have truly been the end of me, and I woke up feeling great. I fear the Lord will not let me go. I pray for strength to continue. <3

    • Leslie Hardy says:

      Thanks for listening, or rather reading. I just needed to let the world know I am here……. because sometimes I have to even remind myself. I’m only 55.

      • Rodger Ashton-Smith
        Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

        Hey I’m sorry you have very little support. I feel for you and hope there is someone that can offer you support for this time. I am 61 and lived with this for 16 years and still alive. Be aware there are more people that have had to put up with this than you can imagine and some, like Penelope who have found ways to deal with it. Thanks for sharing with us.

      • Ms.Body
        Ms.Body says:

        Leslie I pray that God strengthens and comforts you with a supernatural strength and comfort. That only HE can provide. I pray that God renews your mind. As difficult as it may be I want you to hang in there and trust that everything happens for a reason. Also remember that God only gives his toughest battles to his TOUGHEST soldiers!!!#keeppressingyouGOTthis😉

  8. Carla L Broadbent Rogers
    Carla L Broadbent Rogers says:

    Time to get my polishing cloth out and start the week. Thank you Penelope for being there.
    Be well.

    • Sarah Beale
      Sarah Beale says:

      Thank you Penelope for the time and effort you put into your posts. they are much appreciated.

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