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I don’t know about you, but I get tired of all the “cures” for Multiple Sclerosis that people push my way. Everything from vitamins, to diets, to surgical solutions, to magic remedies. Have you noticed that many of those supposed cures are simply cash for someone’s pocket? Just buy their book, pay for their webinar, order their supplement, or spend thousands of dollar to go out of the country for an exploratory surgery and you will be cured.

I have yet to find any of them to include actual proof that they work…real documented, case-control study, infallible proof. Just someone’s word is to be taken for fact that you will rid your life of what ails it if you do what they say.

There are people that tell me, “Oh, don’t buy into the pharmaceutical solutions. Take this instead.” Yet, have you noticed they are doing the very thing they accuse the pharmaceuticals of doing…making a profit off of someone’s illness?

Their “take this instead” comes with a cost. And then, if I don’t buy into their idea of a cure, they proceed down the path of telling me that I must not want to get better. Really? You think I want to live with a debilitating chronic progressive disease? Hmmm…NO!

Trust me, if I was to buy into every idea of a cure that exists in the world today, I would be bankrupt and living under a bridge in a cardboard box. Each one of those solutions come with great costs. None are free.

I choose instead to make my own choices based on what I believe is right for me. Each person’s body and cellular structure is different, each person’s environment is different, each person’s financial resources are different, and each person’s MS is different. No one should judge you for the path you’ve chosen, and if they do…they aren’t a real friend anyway. Friends believe in you even if you make a choice they don’t agree with.

I did a quick search using the word “cure” from Google and found a cure for everything. Seriously! I now have the answer to every ailment, disease and problem that exists today and I will share it with you if you send me thee small payments of $19.99. Oh, but wait…there’s more. I will also send you a bottled sample from the fountain of youth along with a genie that will grant you three wishes…that is if you believe the internet to be 100% truth.

Here’s my solution for you (not the internet’s and it’s not a cure)…eat healthy, cut out as much stress in your day as you can, get on a routine for your sleep even if it’s only a few hours at a time, surround yourself with people who love and support you, slow down, and enjoy life. My remedy won’t cure MS but it will surely make life happier for you.

Be your own advocate, do your own research, trust what your own body is telling you…and LIVE!

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About the Author
About the Author
Penelope Conway

Penelope Conway
Penelope started Positive Living with MS as a way to help others with MS stay positive in the midst of a terrible disease. She believes that staying positive and holding onto hope is the key to waking up each morning with the strength to get through the day. Multiple Sclerosis may never go away, but neither will her determination and her drive to help others through the journey.

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  1. Jenny Potter
    Jenny Potter says:

    Very sensible advice. I read one book on MS and if I followed all the different diets suggested I would be malnourished! I agree that you need to find what works for you. I always enjoy your comments and often share them. Thanks!

  2. Kate Aquilino
    Kate Aquilino says:

    You give voice to those who all too often feel unheard. I understand why you can’t switch horses midstream. Sorry about my mini tantrum. People are afraid of just another idea about their lives. And the Vitamin d Protocol requires a good amount of initiative and perserverance on the part of the patient. I started three weeks ago. Already I’m able to do things I haven’t done in over 20 years! Walk two miles in 40 minutes. Cog fog (which I didn’t really understand until it lifted)) has lifted. If one is willing to work at a cure, this is pretty close.
    Have a good afternoon

  3. Paula Churchill says:

    I know how frustrating it may be I really do ( the other day one of my best friends sent me a link that if I cut down calories on 3 days would reverse my MS ) although the article pissed me of as I weigh little over 6 and a half stone and I know diet won’t reverse my MS but I actually smiled -my best mate has taken time out of her day to read this and send it to me the way I see it is we are slowly creating awareness on this nasty no cure illness and should feel lucky to have friends/family that still care

  4. Amy
    Amy says:

    I’m impressed you’d still have a cardboard box! It amazes me how many people who barely know me and have no medical training whatsoever tell me what I need to do to be cured.

    My least favorite phrase? But you don’t look sick.

  5. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    Well it seems like we have the same thoughts on ‘cures for MS’. When I went on the trial for MIS416, I had no idea of what I was getting into. Then I found the company (of 6 people) Had no idea also. So we (The doctor and nurses) went through the system as was initially laid out from the manufacturers. That changed a little after the trial as more came out about what it did.. It’s now a good help but not a cure for MS.
    I went form a grade 6 to a grade 3.5 in mobility settings in 3 months over the trial time.I was the first of 12 people who sat the trial and we all had similar but different changes..All of them a lifechanger but not a cure, just making life a little easier. If you (or when you) see or hear of this infusion give it a try it will help somehow and I don’t know where.
    I have had my memories returned fully and a scar on my right eye (got in 1970) has been cleared up to almost gone. If this is the only things to have been done then I’m very happy that it has. I still have a bad right leg and other symptoms but they are better managed now though some can be annoying I understand better.

  6. Jane Stuchbury says:

    Just as annoying are the MS ‘Blamers’ e.g “you know that drinking Diet Coke causes MS, don’t you? That’s probably why you got it” Thanks so much, glad to know your pseudo science makes it all my own fault! I just try to smile & move on.

  7. Jacqueline Leng says:

    It really grates after a while. I try and bite my tongue and remember that they are mostly good people, but do they really think i’m so stupid i haven’t looked into it already. Often i think it’s a reflection of peoples own fear of uncontrollable situations, not a real desire to help.

  8. Leslie
    Leslie says:

    I hear ya! Bad enough we have to live with a painful, debilitating disease. Then people suggest that we have it because we’re not “trying hard enough” to cure ourselves by exhausting all our physical, emotional and financial resources to try every hair brained “cure” out there!
    Yes there is one perk to having an illness like MS. You DO find out who your real friends are🤗.

  9. Gina Beth Romero says:

    I’d sooner trust Matt Embry’s MS Hope diet, because his is an all nonprofit organization and he’s living with MS himself and he even suggests you find out your own food allergies

  10. Gina Beth Romero says:

    Was just saying the same thing yesterday. Worse is those selling snake oil are not covered by insurance, which is worse than pharmaceutical companies and criminal seeing that most of us are either not working or working only part time, some barely getting by and adding to stress we already deal with daily.

  11. Bonnie Burkley says:

    Dx 1980…told a cure with in 5yrs. Hasn’t happened as we all know…you do the best you can and if you can’t do it then go back to bed. I’m 69 now…long time waiting….praying to my Savior, Jesus is not a cure but I need His words to live by and His promise that He will never leave me or forsake me. My strong Faith has seen me through Hell and back!!❤️✨

  12. Val Hanna says:

    Ah but have you tried spinning round ten times then standing on your head for five minutes after that eating flax seeds with gluten free ice cream whilst standing on your left leg rubbing your tummy with your right hand and saying the alphabet backwards seven times then repeat twice….it’s bound to work honest I’m off to try it…

  13. Gail Cardwell says:

    What irritates me is that when I point out that, as yet, there IS no actual ‘cure’ for MS, I’m cast a look that says “See what I get when I try to help?”. Yep, you could help by keeping your ill-informed information to yourself!

  14. Catherine
    Catherine says:

    Everyone’s an expert!!
    But you look so well is another annoying thing I hear a lot grrrrrr

  15. Janette Flanagan says:

    I have to admit Im guilty of this of late…. its the stem cell treatments why are they been done in other countries and have had success rate, yet we are been told its a long way away from that yet,anyone help me,are all those adds from Swiss medic and such fake?

    • Toniann Scarpa
      Toniann Scarpa says:

      As a former oncology nurse (on disability because of MS), I can tell you that, at least as cancer patients are concerned, stem cell transplants can be either a lifesaver or a nightmare.
      I am with you in the hope that research brings us MS’rs to a point where SCTs are an option…. But honestly, I doubt they’d be a first line of treatment.

  16. Paula Annette says:

    I hear ya…..everyone tells me do this, do that, you try this or that….its infuriating as all get out…..If my doctors can’t find the right meds to treat me…how can somebody that has no degree even have the nerve to say a thing to me….?

  17. Toniann Scarpa
    Toniann Scarpa says:

    This is a great article…
    Another comment I hate is MS is “over diagnosed”. Ok, when did all these people become doctors?

  18. Joy
    Joy says:

    Thank you for sharing this with everyone…
    My story a old friend found me and asked to have coffee together and she dept say the name of a plant that she had to pick up for her husband. You know what happened next, I asked about it. Next thing you know she kept calling and seeing how I’m doing and be caring. It felt great to have someone in my life to reach out to me (I still don’t have anyone that is reaching out to me but you). She came one night to show all about the product and I have to get.. People with MS have gotten better and other people with other bad things going on with them.. It costed me over 250.00 to join and get my product for one mn.. And the next thing I had to find people to bye it-STREES!!!! I did this for a month and said noway to it. I do not hear from her at anymore.. I am alone and that just put me ten steps back to know is going care.. I have moved forward with some what with this being on my own…

    I so love reading this in the morning when I get up. And most of all glad I do not need to be on face book to get this… I had to get rid of face book to many voices
    and a waste of my time.. That’s just how I feel I know a lot of you enjoy it. But I had to ask myself what was I doing before FB??? And found my self enjoying the day more and getting things done. Just little things that end up to be a lot of little things.

    Thank you for all you love and support

  19. Jayne Weldon Leuenberger says:

    People are well meaning, as many know someone with MS. However, what they don’t understand is that it is not the same in each individual. Just like how some disease modifying drugs are effective with some, but not others. I find it so hard to answer the question, “So, are you doing better now?”. I want to be positive, but it’s a hard question to answer. I usually say, there are good days and bad, today is a ___ day.

  20. Marianne Wallace says:

    Yip …. I’m totally sick of it. Have heard about all these cures, fad diets, drugs and ‘crazy’ treatments throughout my journey with m.s ( 28yrs) …
    If any of these were valid then …. think I’d be cured by now ! I don’t pay attention to any of it now, I’m afraid

    • Jennifer Piro Kunz says:

      I’ve had Celiac Disease for over 11 1/2 years. If I hear one more “oh you should try going gluten free”… I was gluten-free 6 years before it was a fad or I was diagnosed with MS.

    • Paulette Brown
      Paulette Brown says:

      That one makes me so mad I could spit!!!! (weird saying I know), I just hat that saying!

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