It could be worse

I don’t have much to say today other than it’s raining outside and I refuse to let it rain inside too. I know that’s something easier said than done but regardless of how things look, I’m determined to find the good around me.

I’m not having a great start since my alarm clock woke me up after only 2 hours of sleep due to dealing with terrible pain much of the night, but at least I got some sleep. It could be worse. I could have had no sleep at all.

I then discovered there are no clean towels in the bathroom so I have to postpone taking a shower, but at least I have a washer and dryer in my home and don’t need to load a pile of towels and clothes in my car and drive to a laundromat in order to wash them. It could be worse.

Did I mention it’s raining out? That means I will have to leave the house earlier than planned in order to fight my way through crazy traffic on wet roads. That’s always an adventure. But at least I have some place to go and a way to get there. It could be worse.

Every bad thing we face comes with its reasons to bring us down, but along with them there is always another perspective we can choose to see. My choice today…it could be worse. No matter what happens or how hard things may get, I know it could be worse so I keep pushing on.

I have been given a new day so it’s already a good day even with the rain, lack of sleep, no clean towels and crazy drivers. My emotions may be a bit on edge and I may feel rushed, exhausted and overwhelmed but you know, it’s okay to cry in the rain. Sometimes that’s the best time to cry.

The thing I keep telling myself as I get my day started, it could be worse. Now, where’s that rainbow. I may not find the end of it or a giant pot of gold waiting for me, but the smiles it provides are priceless.

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About the Author
About the Author
Penelope Conway

Penelope Conway
Penelope started Positive Living with MS as a way to help others with MS stay positive in the midst of a terrible disease. She believes that staying positive and holding onto hope is the key to waking up each morning with the strength to get through the day. Multiple Sclerosis may never go away, but neither will her determination and her drive to help others through the journey.

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  1. Aileen Brown says:

    Having a really bad down day but like you try to keep saying it could be worse but admit that’s been hard today – ps we have no rain no sunshine either!!!!!

  2. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    You’re lucky in some way, we are in the mile of winter with a C15 degree day with maybe some light rain tonight., It looks like we’re going to have aba Summer.
    We had to get a new tap for the kitchen today so I can fix it this afternoon, so that was a different for me anyway.
    Well I hope you survived the traffic woes and have a goo day.

  3. Emma Diane Hall says:

    Oh, PS. I can write better than this, with correct grammer and such, I’m having to use cell ph. So it’s not all perfect. I’ve actually always wanted to write a book. But I’d need a lap top for that

  4. Emma Diane Hall says:

    I admire you so much. I’m blind n 1 eye and deaf n an ear. This past Jan. I became homeless, caught my now Xfiancée cheating, so he packs all my stuff up and put’s it n storage, while I was seeing my grandson on his bday n KY. So, when I come bk from KY, I had NOWHERE TO GO. I had just got a settlement ck from GM over a wreck I’d had. So I rent a hotel room for a week having a pity party. You’re gunna hate me for this post, cuz it’s long. But I knew I wasn’t feeling well, trying to shorten this best I can. I lost eyesight n my only good eye. MS took the other one. My son from KY comes to get me to “take care of me”. From Jan to end of March, he was stealing my meds. But making me think I was taking more. After being hospitalized 4 times, I had to finally give myself high doses of steroids myself for 5 days. Cost $41,422. And sum odd cents. But hey, I cud see more than 20 yrds n front of me. Bk to KY, I left March 25th, came “home” to TN. Not 1 person, distant relatives, 2 brothers, so called friends, wud let me lay my head n their home. I’ve slept n my car until the alternator and fuel pump went out, about 31/2 mos?? I parked my ass at my X’s, and told him if it wasn’t for him kicking me out, and promising to get married, I’d have never given up my HUD housing. So, jump skip to present. God had to hear my cries as prayers the day I held a gun to my head and poured my heart out. My HUD is giving me a section 8 voucher!! But, here’s my new dilemma, my X from yrs ago never PD. The Elec. Or gas, plus the only apt I’ve found wants a $500 deposit. With that and all other expenses, I’m looking at $1,058.42!! And I only get $754 a mo. I subtracted my ck also and it’s still $1,058.42. If anyone read this and believes n prayer, please say a prayer for me. Thank you, sorry for long post, just had to vent

  5. Sheryl
    Sheryl says:

    I am not trying to rain on anyone’s positive energy but what is a way to take what you are given and spin it positive without comparing it to someone else’s worse? I know I am lucky in many ways but somedays that knowledge is just like a taunt. I love these posts but sometimes I need help to rise above.

    • Patty
      Patty says:

      I know that at one time, I had nothing I could think of that would stop that taunting! I was lost, confused, and all alone… isolated by my circumstances. I couldn’t comprehend the passage of time but felt as though the days were endless and all exactly the same. I hated being stuck indoors and would sit in the dirt so as to always be in the shade. I turned on music and made sure I only listened to music that could possibly make me smile. I wasn’t there yet. I dug in the dirt with the claw end of a hammer. The whole hammer was way to heavy to pick up. I didn’t really dig exactly. More or less I scraped at the red clay and brushed it away. 4 months later, I had a hole 6’x4’x2′. Now, I have a pond. This was something I could be proud of! Something I did all by myself! Something I accomplished! This was the beginning of my recovery to a positive nature. I still constantly listen to happy kinds of music. I keep myself occupied with something physical even though my physical abilities were depleted by MS. I learned that ‘Happiness’ IS a choice. It can be difficult at times to make that choice but ‘Happiness’ regardless of circumstances does not just fall in your lap. I have made that choice for myself and I sincerely hope that despite what is going on right now, that you will also find a way to make that choice. 😎

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