Haven’t you heard…Multiple Sclerosis has been cured!

We live in a society filled with opinions. Opinions about what a person should wear, what they should eat, where they should live and what kind of work they should do. It seems everyone is an expert at everything. You can’t do or say anything today without someone voicing an opinion. (Keep in mind, this post is just my opinion.)

If we spend our time listening to all those voices, we would go mad…absolutely mad. I know people mean well, but the judgmental, know-it-all attitudes have got to go. When I was a healthy person, I would get a lot of opinions thrown at me about how to live, but now that Multiple Sclerosis has taken up residence in my body, I’m bombarded with even more opinions. Someone once said, “It’s funny how people have strong opinions on things they know nothing about” and that is so true.

There are opinions about what I should eat and what I shouldn’t eat, what meds to take and that I shouldn’t take, what exercises to do and how often, what prayers to pray, and what supplements to take. I’ve heard how everything from bee sting therapy to removal of dental fillings will cure me…after all, it was said on the internet. If only I would rub Calamine lotion all over my body while standing on one leg and singing I’m a Little Teapot at the top of my lungs…I’d be cured. Why am I not doing it? I must not really want to get better.

Have you ever wanted to just smack someone like that upside the head? They mean well, but come on. Do we still think as a society that the internet is a valid, 100% reliable source of information? It’s basically all opinion. You can find any source you want to back up your idea if you look hard enough. If you choose to believe than unicorns and leprechauns are living in your backyard and want to prove your point, I’m sure you could find a website out there that would validate it for you.

Living with Multiple Sclerosis is not easy and we all want a cure to be found, but we don’t need to be criticized or judged by others for how we choose to deal with this disease all because of something you can read online. There are different types of MS, differences in the people living with it and different progressions that can happen. That’s a lot of differences to try and cram into one fix-all solution.

How about this? Do your best to shut out all the opinions flying around you and choose to simply enjoy life. That way you can cut out the stress that comes with all those opinions and can use your time instead to create amazing memories with the people you love. After all, that’s what really matters anyway.

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About the Author
About the Author
Penelope Conway

Penelope Conway
Penelope started Positive Living with MS as a way to help others with MS stay positive in the midst of a terrible disease. She believes that staying positive and holding onto hope is the key to waking up each morning with the strength to get through the day. Multiple Sclerosis may never go away, but neither will her determination and her drive to help others through the journey.

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  1. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    Thanks Penelope we really don’t need others opinions to make a life easier. The links I put on earlier are from a RN who has done a lot of genuine searches for information about what is around that might help people live a better life. So far I haven’t seen any ‘cure’ sites and don’t want them. As you have written we are all different so anything that is good for me may be rubbish for you. There have been many works done with MS that I have not heard of but could be good for someone, but get your doctor or nero to check it out for you. If they are any good then it’s worth listening to them

  2. Karen Orlowski says:

    I agree with some of what is said here. I also disagree with lots here too. Removing heavy metals from your body, silver dental fillings, for instance, CAN remove an irritant that sets off relapse episodes. It won’t cure your MS but it can help remove triggers for your body to relapse over. I am all for doing everything that is suggested or possible to help. Although, once I have tried it and it does not work, people have to understand there is no one size fits all solution to MS.

    • Heather Mary says:

      I agree. I understand that there is no cure as well, but there are many things that we can do to reduce flares & symptoms. I went the radical diet route and I’ll never regret it.

    • Karen Orlowski says:

      Heather Mary at the insistence of a friend, I tested myself for Mercury and the test result was high off the charts. I went to the dentist the next day because I had numerous silver metal dental fillings. The Dentist said that some of the fillings were deteriorating. I was having severe medical issues, strange symptoms, which turned out to be MS. I do believe the mercury acted as a trigger to set off the disease.
      I had MS attacks since my teens now we look back on it. The episodes of odd, bizarre symptoms, severe vision issues, blurring to the point I couldn’t see anything clearly and couldn’t read. Visual “white outs” like when a flash goes off directly in your eyes and your vision has a white out until it readjusts, except this it doesn’t go away for hours or days. Attacks were short and all symptoms would go away for years almost a decade at times.
      In 2011 I started to have severe symptoms that got steadily worse and didn’t stop. That is what lead to the diagnosis of MS in March 2015. Shortly after that tests showed I was contaminated with mercury. I detoxed using chelation. And a lot of the symptoms abated as I removed the mercury from my body and removed and replaced all my fillings.
      No it didn’t cure the MS but it sure did help in getting it to go into remission from what had become progressive disease with no remitting. I highly recommend everyone push for tests to check for contamination by heavy metals that could be triggering relapses and tipping the disease into a more progressive form from RRMS.
      I agree with you and the diet issue too. After detoxing myself from heavy metals I radically changed the way and what I eat. No processed anything. No GMO anything, so no grains at all and nothing made from any grain. No sugar. No artificial or fake anything, especially sweeteners. That also made a huge difference and made a lot of the pain I was experiencing stop. For that I am grateful.

  3. Sandie Thomas says:

    Amen~ Prayer or wishful thinking has not worked in 50 years.. Why would anybody think bees and lotion would do it? Let alone bloody stem cell therapy. If it’s not on the television, I will never ever believe it.

  4. Shelley Ann Lloyd says:

    I have decided to not tell people. There is an odd few that know but I paid the price when a client asked how long did I think I had and another one had a go at me after I had been in hospital twice over a two month period. So I rather not tell people then I don’t need to discuss It with anyone.

  5. Dare Stevens says:

    Every opinion is tainted and I don’t even trust my Neurologist. I am struggling with deciding what to do next, and don’t even get me started on the cost of medications.

  6. Joyce Steiner says:

    unfortunately friends and family don’t understand this illness.. I understand you perfectly.. there is no cure in the US, as of yet.. but praying and believing it will come soon, help

  7. Val Hanna says:

    Oh we are not doing anything right that’s why we have still got this flipping condition. I have been thinking is it possible that if we did 10 handstands, stood on one leg while repeatedly singing Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall then doing cartwheels up and down the road, then eating all the organic supplements we can, then you know we’ll be cured oh and I forgot we have to burl round and round clockwise 20 times then 50 times anticlockwise. We just don’t try hard enough I mean we don’t have pain or anything. Come on surely it’s just that we forgot to do the back flips.
    It frustrates me makes it harder to live with this condition, instead of support we get put down and we are made to feel inadequate if we can’t cope some days. O congratulate everyone who has MS we live it so be proud you’ve got where you are today. I’m proud that today I’m sitting up in bed reading these articles. 21 yrs into MS and still fighting.

  8. Badbs Robinson says:

    Thank you so! I know all the remove you fillings get bee stings no carb no animal proteins advice to “cure” is meant with love…but..please..holding my hand in silence is very very loving

  9. Judi Hall says:

    Lol….everyone a bloody expert ! You would think wouldn’t you, that these usually intelligent people wouldn’t be taken in by such rubbish. Oh dear, shall we just get on with it eh. Lots of love xx

  10. Liz Gordon says:

    Most people are well meaning❤️ There is no way to know how MS affects your life unless you suffer with the disease. For me, in addition to meds, ‘eat crap feel like crap’ seems to help. However during one of my ‘pity parties’ I have no problem devouring a bag of chips or a bag of cookies or both at the same time!
    Don’t you dare give up!

  11. Tabitha Brouhard says:

    I have been told that it is a side affect of aspartame. If I stop drinking diet soda, I will get better. I had an 18 year old tell me that I just needed to go vegan and it would cure me. Then she got mad when I said I would follow my neurologist before an 18 year old college dropout. I don’t know what’s right, but I am doing what I know is helping my body best.

  12. Carla L Broadbent Rogers
    Carla L Broadbent Rogers says:

    The best is “It is all in your Head” My response…”Yes it is. Have a nice day and Be well.” Stop the conversation and send them on their way. Be well all of you fellow MS Buddies.

  13. Carla L Broadbent Rogers
    Carla L Broadbent Rogers says:

    The best is “It is all in your Head” My response…”Yes it is. Have a nice day and Be well.” Stop the conversation and send them on their way. Be well all of you fellow MS Buddies. Enjoy your Holidays, your family and the select group of friends that yo can talk with. Again Be well and Stay strong.

  14. Sue Bennison
    Sue Bennison says:

    “But you should try” – oh yeah.
    My first neurologist told me to be wary of any such suggestions although he personally believed that standing on one leg could cure anything.

  15. KT
    KT says:

    Amen to that! I hate people being so gullible these days. It’s on the internet so it must be true and me, a person who lives with it everyday, must not know what I’m talking about. Cheers to you for calling ’em out and thank you!!!!!!

  16. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    I agree with Erin because I’m so tired of the RRMS miracle healings when that’s how RRMS is defined ……a relapse disease without significant permanent damage. People heal from RRMS relapses all the time with and without a ketogenic diet. Not the same as PPMS.

  17. Jeanette Ford Lujan says:

    My goodness, so true! If I would do this, do that.. I’d feel better. After all, they know, right? It’s amazing to me how little people know about MS, even if you live with them! It makes me sad, sad and I have to go to my room and either, cry, get angry or sometimes I have to laugh out loud due to their ignorance. Even though they know what they read. What are they reading? Not asking me, if what I’m saying is true. The main problem I have is, no one I live with believes, let alone understands, my cognitive problems. Loud noises, hard of hearing, trying to understand conversations around the room. I feel and look stupid when everyone around me acts as though “what’s wrong with you”? Really? After 28 years? Along with aging, my memory has slipped just from age. Add MS to that mix and I alone. No one to champion me or have the kindness to just believe me. Why would anyone pretend to be stupid? I’ve been a sharp cookie in my day, so the loss of my quick wit and thinking on my feet has been the hardest loss for me. Believe me

    • Judi Hall says:

      Agree with all you say Hun, my cognition problems are getting worse, my quick with has almost gone, when it does come for a visit it wears me out. I to feel stupid sometimes, you go to say something and it just disappears xxx I have to say, this fb page cheers me up no end, I feel included. Take care fellow MS warrior, you wrote something wonderful on here, it hit the spot for me xx Best wishes xxx

  18. Juana Driver says:

    I remember laying in the hospital bed in 1983 after all the tests to rule out what ever was wrong and my new “roommate” tried to convince me it was my “lack of faith”. Guess Calamine lotion should be my next option right after bee stings ….. because those ink smeared photos sure didn’t help much. Do they still use those?

    • David OBrien says:

      So it is your lack of faith in Calamine lotion & bee stings. If you would try harder, you could be healed, I say healed in the name of the lotion. But noooo.
      “Good morning Juana!” 😃

    • Juana Driver says:

      My lack of faith must stim from something stronger than all the 《cures》I’ve ever tried or didn’t ….. or don’t remember trying LOL GReAt AfTeRnOoN David!

  19. Erin Haley says:

    To me, it’s more frustrating when people who have really mild courses of MS say these things to people with Progressive MS. It’s easier for me to make allowances for people who can’t understand MS at all.

  20. Leslie Beaver says:

    I only pay attention to the obvious things that would help anyone but are especially good for us who have MS. I rest when tired and sleep as long as required. I eat a healthy diet high in fruit, vegetables and fish. Lower in red meat. And I exercise as appropriate for me. Which means daily walks plus weekly taichi and yoga. All this helps me stay slim, trim and strong. Which can only help my body deal with the MS.

  21. Clive Whiteside says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us all as you point out people will tell you that this or that will help or cure your MS! They found the information on the internet so it must be true, No it does not sadly there is so much information about MS and other conditions that is untrue.

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