An Illustrated View of Multiple Sclerosis

MS Fact #1: Fatigue
MS Fact #2: Walking difficulties
MS Fact #3: Spasticity
MS Fact #4: Numbness
MS Fact #5: Vision Problems
MS Fact #6: Dizziness & vertigo
MS Fact #7: Bladder & bowel problems
MS Fact #8: Cognitive difficulties
MS Fact #9: Pain
MS Fact #10: Swallowing problems
MS Fact #11: Heat & cold intolerance
MS Fact #12: Speech problems
MS Fact #13: Emotional changes
MS Fact #14: Itching
MS Fact #15: Tremors
MS Fact #16: Breathing problems
MS Fact #17: Hearing loss
MS Fact #18: Sexual problems
MS Fact #19: Headaches
MS Fact #20: Seizures

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  1. Heidi Weber
    Heidi Weber says:

    I am feeling and am out of control……..that is the worst I have ever felt. Depressing, but nothing to do but thinking tomorrow will be better.

  2. Billie Lombardo
    Billie Lombardo says:

    I am so sick of being sick! My latest symptom to creep up is uncontrollable bowels. It has affected everything! I had to take fmla from work and my boss is not the nicest woman. If she could feel, for just ONE day what I do, then maybe there would be some compassion and understanding! I know I look fine, but lady if my ms was visible I would look like a freakin monster! 😕

    • Tricia
      Tricia says:

      So sorry to hear what you have to endure with a noncaring supervisor on top of MS! I pray things will get better for you!🙏🏽 I think we work for the same person! 😢

  3. Erica P.
    Erica P. says:

    When people believe you’re perfectly fine because you hide things so well that it appears you’re functioning somehat normally. So,when you mention a headache or body ache they quickly compare themselves to you and say, oh,me too! Excuse me -Do you have MS? Then, no. You dont know what it’s like.

  4. mbnelson
    mbnelson says:

    Thank you, thank you! The illustrated view of MS is a wonderful way to explain this to anyone but especially for children The drawings are eye catching. The captions are both simple and smart.
    On a more personal note, I am ecstatic to encounter a MS website that is informational and promotes positive thinking.

  5. Linda Westmoreland
    Linda Westmoreland says:

    so very true….a trip to see the doctor is major for me..just getting ready and then going and then waiting and then coming home and by then I am done for the day !!! Sounds crazy I know but true !!!

  6. Bettes S.
    Bettes S. says:

    Yes, yes…indeed. All so very true.
    Several of these aren’t on my radar screen…and I’m grateful for as long as they stay away.

    And to hear…’you look so good’ means that I must be just fine…because I know it’s not all in my head. Such a nice compliment to hear…and then I find myself questioning the speaker AND myself. It almost can feel like a form of gas-lighting at times. We’re okay….we live positively with MS>

    • Alexis
      Alexis says:

      Little did Jocelyn Rayner Conley know… chocolate-covered bacon was indeed already a real thing — and upon hearing of it, sparked the RIIIDE of her life. This summer, Jocelyn Ranyner Conley stars in: Chocolate-Covered Bacon – the Crispy Side of Chocolate. In theaters July 23rd.

    • Frank Black
      Frank Black says:

      It was recommended to try Medical Cannabis from a Legal Clinic like, has anybody tried Medical Cannabis ?

    • Frank Black
      Frank Black says:

      It was recommended to try Medical Cannabis from a Legal Clinic like, has anybody tried Medical Cannabis ?

      • mbnelson
        mbnelson says:

        If your are someone that does NOT have chronic lung infections like bronchitis then I strongly recommend using medical marijuana. At the dispensary, they should be able to recommend a type of marijuana to suit your needs.
        Good luck

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