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My Multiple Sclerosis jumbled up brain

Some days I really think my brain needs oiling, or maybe it needs repairing. Oh, who am I kidding…I just need a new one! You want to know why I forget appointments, people’s names, a movie I have already watch…twice, and what was said a few minutes ago? I think it’s due to the fact that my brain looks like a block of Swiss cheese on my MRI scans with holes scattered all over the place. 

We need to redefine strength

You never realize how strong you are until you are faced with a challenge that tests your strength. Many people see being strong as hiding your emotions, censoring how you feel and keeping it together at all times…basically to lie to yourself and to others that you even feel or have any problems in your life.

You choose

Everything you do in life begins with a choice. Even a choice of not choosing is a choice. That’s not an easy thing to grasp. Do you realize you will choose how to live today? You will choose everything down to if you end the day in tears or with a smile. You will choose how you live tomorrow too, and the next day and the next. That can be a sobering thought. 

Multiple sclerosis and me are not a good fit

Some thing go together…bees and honey, milk and cookies, pen and ink. Then there are some things that just don’t fit. Things like peanut butter and mustard or swimming and lightning…those things don’t fit so well together. How about music and ear plugs or driving and texting? Nope, they don’t fit either. You know what else don’t pair so well, Multiple Sclerosis and me. We are just not a good fit. It’s a constant battle of what I want to do and what MS will allow me to do.

Sleep through the night? Are you serious?

“So you say I can feel rested if I just go to bed early and get 8 hours of sleep each night? Really?”

That’s my response to people who ask me why I’m always so tired even after getting a full night of rest. You see, they don’t seem to understand that our full night of rest is more like a trip to a baseball game on a sold-out night.