I will never hide my pain

Have you ever had one of those days when you wished you could just curl up into a ball and hide away under the covers in bed because life was simply too much, too crazy and too overwhelming to bear? That’s me today. I woke up in tears…literally. That happens to me from time to time, only today it has hit me really hard. Harder than usual.

I hate when that happens. My emotions seem to have a mind of their own and sometimes no matter how hard I try to remain upbeat, positive and steadfast, I fail. It just goes to show that even people like me who strive to find the good in everything around them actually have times when they wish their out of control life could be put on hold and the pain had a pause button.

I’m human and I’m real. I will never sugar coat the difficulties of living with Multiple Sclerosis and I never want people to think that MS is a breeze to manage. Too many people out in the public don’t hear of the struggles we go through because too many MSers don’t talk enough about the truth of living with a chronic disease.

I am thankful for those living with minimal symptoms and that can handle the pain with ease at any given moment whether it be physical or emotional, but I know for a fact that’s not me. I talk about the struggles I face because I believe that the more the public is made aware of the things we experience, the more they will come to understand the reasons we have our unpredictable mood swings, cancel seemingly simple plans and spend so much of our time at home.

It’s not always easy for me to voice my needs. That’s because many times I don’t even know what I need in the first place. So when someone calls or stops by and asks how they can help out, I don’t always have an answer. It’s not because I’m being rude, antisocial or don’t want their help.  Most of the time it’s because I simply can’t see past the pain in the moment to know what I truly need. That kind of thing requires too much thought and most of the time my brain just blanks out.

But I can tell you this, what ALWAYS helps is genuine care, concern, support and love.  Those things help at any given moment and can be expressed through a simple “thinking of you” text, help around the house, offering to pick up some groceries, or just stopping by for a chat.

My greatest fear is to be forgotten in this fast paced, on-the-go world. It’s easy for that to happen too because many of us get to a place where socializing becomes extremely stressful and is filled with too many uncertainties and obstacles.

Getting out of the house requires great planning and considerations, things that many people don’t really think about. Will the place I’m going to be accessible for my needs? Will I have quick access to a bathroom when needed? Will I be in a place where I can remain cool? If a meal is involved, will someone be there to help me cut my food? If I get too tired (which is normally a given in my case), can I leave early? Does it cost because I live on a limited budget and even small expenditures are impossible to afford?

Any number of questions have to be considered in order to leave the house. Some days those questions are easy to answer, other times they are simply too much to face.

I woke up today with my laugh-box broken because the questions in life smacked me in the face as soon as I woke up. If that ever happens to you, give yourself a break and allow yourself the needed time to grieve. Grieving is a real part of living with MS, and it’s okay to have those moments. Just try not to stay there.

I’ve had my good cry already this morning. The world may never see my tears, but they will always hear my pain. I refuse to be silent in the struggle.