Play in the mud

Go play in the mud

Sometimes my thoughts are hard to pull together and everything feels muddled in my head. It’s almost as if my brain is walking through a sea of mud. I think that’s why there are times when my words gets lost. They must get stuck in the puddles of mud sloshing around in my head.
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Unexpected smiles

Life really is what you make it. I know that sounds so cliche, but it’s true. You have the chance to turn a bad thing around into something good. How? By changing your focus. If you spend your time constantly looking at the bad things happening around you, you will end up missing those small yet amazingly great things that happen every day. Things like…

a caring hug from a friend
a funny comment from your child
a laugh
a smile
air-conditioning on a hot day
peace and quiet for 5 minutes in a busy home
an unexpected letter of thanks
a cloud shaped like a bear
an empty laundry basket
a day without falls
a nap…or two
a parking spot right in front
a holiday
the perfect pancake
the smell of fresh cut grass
a rainbow
a new book
a forgotten ten dollar bill in your pocket

So many things…every day…things that we take for granted, yet have the potential to make our day great.

Stop and look around you. Even today, with all you have happening, is a good day. I know it’s not easy, but try not to look at the struggle. I understand that life’s problems are real and they hurt. I’m not saying to pretend they don’t exist. I’m just saying change what you are looking at.

If you spend your time focused on the pain in your life, the pain will be what grows. At times it can become bigger than life itself. Yet if you shift your focus to those little surprises in your day…those wonderful smiles that are handed to you…you will discover the pain will begin to lessen.

It may not go away entirely, but it will no longer be something that overwhelms you. The more you search for the good, the more you will find it. Try it. You just might be surprised at what you find.