Hang in there

It’s hard to not focus on how you feel when living with Multiple Sclerosis. Feelings have this way of ruling the day even when you don’t want them to. It takes a lot of energy to manage a chronic illness. That energy is wrapped up into every nerve cell in your body triggering not just pain, discomfort and weakness, but also anger, sadness and fear. That’s something people don’t seem to understand…both those living with an illness and those looking in from the outside.

I woke up this morning and everything was hurting, even my hair and clothes. Who knew nerve endings were in those things? It would be nice if there were some magic pill that would take everything away…and I’m not just talking about MS either. I’m talking about all the craziness that comes along with it. Sometimes there’s just too much change to even wrap your thoughts around and you find yourself wishing everything would all just go away.

I have days when I’m strong, but I also have days when I’m a wreck both inside and out. It’s funny though…people looking in on my life wouldn’t see it that way. They would see me as a strong, resilient, never quit, go-get-em kind of gal. Someone who keeps standing with every punch thrown her way and who seems unmoved by her circumstances. But that’s only because they can’t look inside my life and see the battles I fight every day.

I fight back tears with a silly little joke. I fight pain with a giant cup of coffee. I fight weakness by staying busy. I fight loneliness with a movie. I fight stress with a song. Every day is filled with a bunch of little fights, sometimes one at a time and sometimes all combined into one giant mess. Fights that at times I didn’t even know I was fighting. Yet here I sit, bruised, battered, and beaten up in this war we call a life with Multiple Sclerosis.

Do like me, take those battle scars and wear them proudly. You are an overcomer even when you don’t feel like it because you are winning battles left and right. Maybe you can’t do this or that. Maybe life has changed more than you ever dreamed it could. Maybe you are tired, weary and simply worn out. But I know you are not a quitter.

Focus only on today. You are going to make it through still standing, even if only on the inside. I believe in you. Hang in there.

You’re not alone in the fight

A mosquito woke me up this morning. Do you know how annoying it is to have something you can’t see buzzing around your ears? Bzzzzz, bzzzzz, bzzzzz. I swatted at the air a few times to distract it and make it go away, but each time I did, it just came back again. I’m sure I will find a welt or two somewhere on my arms or neck later on from its bite. Just thinking about it is making me itch. Continue reading “You’re not alone in the fight” »