Being brave is something you do every day

You are brave. So much braver, stronger, tougher and courageous than you tell yourself. Don’t listen to that little voice in your head that keeps trying to convince you otherwise. If that voice would be quiet for just one second, you would hear your brave roaring. It’s inside of you…deep down.

Sure you may get weary. You may wish upon wishes that life was different and that Multiple Sclerosis wasn’t a part of your struggles. You may even feel weak and powerless because your body won’t cooperate with you, but that doesn’t make you any less brave.

Being brave has nothing to do with being fearless or never crumbling to the floor. It’s not a feeling. It’s something you do.

It’s about facing the day, tears and all, and pushing through the difficulties. It’s about taking the next step forward even if you have to do it sitting down. It’s about facing MS with bruised up shins, muddied knees and elbows, and limping as you go. It’s about falling down and getting back up just to do it all over again.

My morning started out in tears because I was having trouble simply getting out of bed but then I realized that regardless of my circumstances, regardless of the struggle, I am brave just in trying. I can’t give up, especially when times are tough. That’s when my brave shines the most. And the same goes for you.

Trust me when I say that you are brave. There is nothing about today that you can’t overcome or that you aren’t strong enough to handle. Nothing. Absolutely nothing! Don’t let anyone tell you differently…especially yourself. You are brave and today I can hear you roar!

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  1. Geraldine Lowrey
    Geraldine Lowrey says:

    ” I get knocked down but I get up again, you’re never going to keep me down” this is my all-time mantra from Tubthumping by Chumbawamba, 1997. When I hear it I can’t help feeling good. Everyone, listen to it, especially the brass section reaching a crescendo. On even my darkest days this lifts me up.

  2. Aileen Brown
    Aileen Brown says:

    Had a bad few days just wanted to stay in bed again but my 9 year old grandson called yesterday to say that the nativity play was on was tempted to say I couldn’t manage when he announced he was one of the narrators of course I can’t miss it will only happen once now feeling very brave

  3. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    Thanks Penelope it’s nice to have the encouragement to keep going. My family have been good for me and sometimes I forget how the struggle has been,and I have to remember to thank them more. I know I have lost some immitial and I mean to get it back as this will help Janice to know I still care for her and need her more than ever. Sometimes I get frustrated with my high level emotion that I can’t cry easy, but it also makes it hard to get angry, talk about a double edged sword. Being brave can be hard but only if we try and use what we think. Others may have a better precific than us and we may not see that. But there’s nothing better than talk to help get a better picture of what we need to get things done.

  4. Monica Davis Bulls
    Monica Davis Bulls says:

    I have my son and his wife and two kids, ages 5 and 9 coming to Virginia from Florida for Christmas. I am so excited to see them. If not for my husband and my sweet neighbor, I would not have a tree up. Not one present wrapped. My house would not be decorated for my sweet grandkids. I could not have done any of this without them. My husband has taken days off of work to do this. I can’t get out of the bed by myself, he comes home every morning at his his break and gets me up. They are very good to him at his work place. He goes in at 5:30. I use to get up with him at 4:30, my body can’t do that anymore. I get up at eight or so. These legs don’t work like they did. You all have a Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Lisa Bunch Chappell
    Lisa Bunch Chappell says:

    If it wasn’t for my Husband I don’t know what I would do. When I’m sick or having a bad MS attack he sure takes care of me. I feel twice on Thanksgiving day and if he hadn’t been there I don’t know what I would have done. He sure is a good one.

  6. Mary
    Mary says:

    I realize I’m brave when trying is all I got to give and I’m okay with that. Sometimes it’s the bravest thing I can do to realize my temporary limitation and don’t beat myself up about it.

  7. Beatrix Huber
    Beatrix Huber says:

    I’m sorry Penelope, I hope you don’t ache too bad, and that you have some pain reliever and soothing ointment. MS sucks. It’s a struggle altogether 24/7. Feel better. Sending get well vibes from abroad.

  8. Marybeth McKay
    Marybeth McKay says:

    Appreciate your bold,frank comments. Sometimes I think that my kids think Im a wimp. I,pardon the expression,was built like a brick shithouse. Could ski,skate,and now I complain about shoes.This certainly is a nonexpected journey,but a journey non the less. My C lovely future daughter in law Kelly makes sarcastic comments,and I love her for it. Wise much appreciated!

  9. Joan Farrell
    Joan Farrell says:

    hi all… it isn’t even brave, in my ‘umble opinion…. it’s what you have to do….. 18 years down the diagnostic line…….. my wee puppy HAS to taken for a walk…… my washing HAS to be done…… I HAVE to be washed…… the cats HAVE to be fed…… there goes a good chunk of my spoons….. and, I love still being alive…. thank goodness for my friends… bless them. M.S. sucks.

  10. Valarie Ellen
    Valarie Ellen says:

    Thank you Penelope!! Needed these words of encouragement so much today, and you have a way of putting it into words so I actually feel it. We ARE brave through all the struggles . ❤️


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