I get hurt in some of the weirdest ways

I have noticed that people living with multiple sclerosis get hurt in some of the weirdest ways. I know for me, I’ve had my fair share of bruises, broken bones and crazy predicaments that I wouldn’t have experienced any other way.

A couple of years ago I decided to sit out on my back porch to enjoy the beautiful day we were having. It was a little chilly out, but still a pretty day. I was barefoot, which normally I am, and took the few steps needed to get to my lawn chair.

As I walked out, I stepped on a tiny piece of wood that jabbed into my foot. I could feel the slight change in elevation under my foot, but no pain since much of that foot is numb. I checked the bottom of my foot and although it was bleeding, all seemed okay.

After a week, I noticed the sore it had created just wasn’t getting better. I waited probably way to long, but eventually went to the doctor to get it checked out. The x-rays were inconclusive so surgery was ordered since whatever was going on was much too deep for an office visit to remedy.

The doctor told me that when she cut into that area of my foot, sure enough, there was a piece of wood embedded super deep into my foot. I was told that had I not had it removed, it could have gotten really bad. I’m glad I had a doctor that was willing to do all that was needed to find out what was going on.

Yesterday I had another foot accident. (For some reason my feet seem to be the things I hurt the most.) I was in the bathroom transferring from my shower chair to my wheelchair when my feet slipped on the wet tiles. My body came crashing to the ground and my right foot jammed against the corner of the sink cabinet.

It was excruciatingly painful and when I looked at my foot, my third toe on my right foot was crooked…like really bad crooked. After making my way up from the floor and getting dressed, I tried to determine what was wrong. That toe seems completely broken and won’t move back to a normal position. I have an appointment to see the doctor today so we’ll see what’s up. Ugh…MS!

I have sprained ankles and wrists, gotten burned, cut myself, and broken bones all because my body wouldn’t cooperate. But you know what? I keep going. Sure I may have to lay up in the bed more than some people do, I may spend too much time in waiting rooms and doctor’s offices, I may require help doing some of the simplest of things ever, but I’m still going strong.

You can’t let your weaknesses and limitations stop you from living. They may slow you down but don’t let your slowness keep you from finding enjoyment in your day. Find your smile today…and if you can’t find one just imagine me sprawled out on the floor buck naked having to call a neighbor to come and help me get up. That will either make you laugh out loud or run away screaming in fright! Either way it will make your day better.

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  1. Betty Brusco
    Betty Brusco says:

    I have broken so many bones over the years and bruised and sprained so many parts. I keep a running journal. Others around me get upset and tell me I should be wrapped in bubble wrap to keep me from hurting myself. Now two of those people have fallen in a “such out of the norm way” and hurt themselves. I felt bad that this happened but now they are experiencing how it feels what I go through–the frustration of not being able to do things you want and have to depend on others. They could now understand it can happen when you least think about it. I have never said “Today, I think I will fall and break a bone or I think I will fall today because I want others to help me to get up!

    I have reached the point, where I get angry with myself, cry for awhile, get fixed up whether to go the doctors for an injury or to to sit or lay down to settle and calm myself. I get up and face another day. I can’t let the MS win and keep me down. I have lived with MS since 1980 and I am 64 now–36 years for MS.

  2. Katie
    Katie says:

    I am in a walking boot right now because of my MS. My leg just decided to stop working one day while walking and I fell, pulled a tendon and chipped a bone in my ankle when I fell. The looks I get when I tell people I “just fell” when they ask how I hurt myself is great 🤷🏼‍♀️.
    I’ve also broken a rib when I slipped getting out of the shower. I keep a chair in the bathroom for getting ready purposes and managed to fall DIRECTLY onto the chair breaking a rib a while back.
    The comments of “you’re so clumsy” are so hurtful because they don’t realize it’s out of my control…

  3. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    Thanks Penelope I did laugh out loud just thinking about this and thinking this could be me butt naked and needing help!!! I really needed a good chuckle:):):) XOXOX

  4. Miri
    Miri says:

    I was feeling fabulous so went shopping with just the walking stick, rather than the new wheely walker.
    Didn’t see a single three inch high step down.
    Face first onto the floor with hurty ankles, just missing a bench corner with my head thankfully.
    Iced for a while, then stood up and walked the pain off a little.
    Hubby picked me up from the shops about an hour later and took me home.

    5am, the cat decided to sleep in his normal spot, my ankles. Made me lift right off the bed.
    Got in the car, staggered into the emergency department.
    Result was two broken ankles.

  5. Carole Thomas
    Carole Thomas says:

    I once slid off our couch somehow and landed on my back like a turtle upside down, arms and legs just kind of waving around. Our coffee table was glass, so it was no help, and that offending couch was too soft to give me any kind of grip. My 18 year old daughter tried to help me up, but she weighed about 105 lbs and just couldn’t do it. She ended up calling my husband at work to come home and help me up. The whole time I was laughing my head off because it was all so absurd. We have different (better) living room furniture now LOL <3

  6. Jeanne Collins
    Jeanne Collins says:

    Yesterday was such a crappy day, it helps to know I’m not alone in my klutziness. I started my day, as always, letting the dogs out but forgot one of my dogs has to wear a diaper at night so I don’t wake up to lakes of pee. Of course, I went chasing after the dog without a cane or walker to remove the diaper since it was already soaked and not capable of more pee. You guessed it! I fell flat on my face out in the yard. Since i can’t get up from ground level without a chair or table to help pull me up, I had to crawl across the yard and patio to get to a chair to get up. I then proceeded to fix the dog’s breakfast and myself a much-needed cup of coffee. I carefully walked back to the bedroom with my full cup of coffee using my walker and didn’t spill a drop! But then I set the cup of coffee down on my bedside table not realizing it wasn’t 100% on the flat surface and the full cup of hot coffee tumbled to the floor. I cleaned up all the spilled coffee and fixed the remaining half cup coffee and started back to the bedroom deciding to stop and pee on the way. I parked my rollator at the door of the bathroom and then proceeded to trip over the rollator’s wheels falling flat on my face again! By some miracle, I did manage to save most of the half cup of coffee on the sink counter. I just broke down and sobbed for a good five minutes. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a good cry. All I could think of was how lucky I was that I didn’t break anything because I live alone and didn’t have a phone on me either time I fell because I was still in my nightgown. Today I feel as though I was hit by a bus.

  7. Roland Clarke
    Roland Clarke says:

    A couple of years ago, I fell from my wheelchair in the wet-room and was lying on the floor ‘buck-naked’, looking at the hold I had made in the wall. I wondered how I would get up. My wife can’t lift me on her own and at that time we lived in North Wales and both our families were hundreds of miles away. Should we call our neighbours while I was naked? Too embarrassed, I dragged myself across the floor and onto the toilet, with my wife’s help. Eventually, I collapsed back into the wheelchair.

    Now we are in the US, so my wife’s sons are a phone call away.

  8. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    Thanks Penelope we all have stories about falling and breaking things or ourselves. I am just fortunate to have only one serious injury from an elbow through a window that cut my secondary vien. I lost about 1 liter of blood and the surgeons did a really good job so I only have a scar and memories of this. Most of the time I have learnt to fall safely and stuff the rest

  9. Tracey Edwards Neikirk
    Tracey Edwards Neikirk says:

    I tripped on a tree root with my left foot, fell on my right leg and gave myself a hematoma the size of an ostrich egg. It took months to clear up. When I finally could get up and walk around, I went to sweep the front porch and was stung five times on that leg by wasps. Back to the chair with ice. Sometimes you wonder…….

  10. Rhona Kingett
    Rhona Kingett says:

    I’m still amazed that I had a fall on the day I was supposed to be performing at a summer festival. As I fell I caught my foot on the bedroom door leaving my little toe stuck out at a very strange angle. My husband took me to A&E. The first question was why I had fallen. They accepted MS as the cause. I hadn’t stressed the toe as I use a power wheelchair so they strapped the toe to its neighbour, took x-rays to assess the damage and discharged me. I’d kept in touch with the event organisers so got marshalled through the no vehicle zone and was just in time to teach the dance class!

  11. Lynn Gavlock
    Lynn Gavlock says:

    Me too…. over Christmas, I was walking, normal pace from my kitchen to my living room with a full cup of coffee…apparently I tripped on the rug (which is an everyday thing) and my entire cup of coffee went into the Christmas tree, while I took out my poinsettia ( like, it looked like someone put it through a wood chipper) and bounced my face, shoulder and chest off the archway, then proceeded into the tree and onto the floor…. what a ride 🙂 no witnesses and I was fine, just bruised…..It’s always something.

  12. Diana Cowan Youngman
    Diana Cowan Youngman says:

    Yup me too. In last 2 weeks I’ve lost my footing. First time caught myself on range n burnt 3 finger tips. Second time.. 2 nights ago. Caught myself again but toe hit carpet strip n broke a toe. Oh well.


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