I have an MS (Multiple Sclerosis) degree and didn’t even know I was studying for it

I have an MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Degree and didn’t even know I was studying for it. It’s not an honorary degree either. It’s a real life, up close and personal, in your face degree. One of those “I studied my butt off” degrees. My next step is to get my Doctorate…and that’s not too far off. With the amount of time I spend at hospitals, doctor appointments, therapy and the pharmacy, I should have my doctorate in no time flat.

I have had people ask me, “What is MS?” If I say it stands for Multiple Sclerosis. It’s a chronic progressive disease where the nerves in the brain and spinal cord become damaged and eaten away by the immune system causing numbness, speech impairment, muscle coordination difficulties, blurred vision and severe fatigue (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what we go through)…I tend to get a blank stare and “huh” comes tumbling out of their mouth. Either that or they proceed to give me their cure for this incurable disease or tell me about a relative of theirs with MS that died.

It’s interesting to me that we live in a time where knowledge is powerful and easily accessible (more accessible that any modern day business with wheelchair ramps and elevators) yet so few people actually use the knowledge available to them to truly KNOW anything. We are pros at the latest gossip and celebrity news; we know all the cheat codes and hidden passageways in the newest released game; we even know the difference between tap water, distilled water, spring water and mineral water; but when it comes down to things that actually matter, we are fairly ignorant.

If I were to write an entry in an acronym dictionary on what MS stands for, it would look something like this…

MS – an acronym for:

Multiple Sclerosis
Messaging Short
Many Sores
Majorly Sexy
My Strength
Mighty Strong
Many Smiles
Making Strides
Moving Still
Monster $(^&
Mystery Solved (coming soon to a theater near you)

The next time someone asks me, “What is MS?”, I’m going to whip out one of my acronyms because even in our highly intelligent and knowledge driven society, people can’t seem to grasp an understanding of Multiple Sclerosis. But I don’t blame them too much, I still have trouble with MS and I’m the one actually living with it every day.

Don’t get too discouraged when you find people are clueless about MS. I didn’t know anything about it until I was diagnosed. But now…now I’m more knowledgable than even some of the finest Neurologists out there. Maybe that means I’ve actually earned that PhD after all. So call me Dr…Dr. Penelope! I like the sound of that. Are you a Dr. too?

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  1. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    yes Dr. Penelope you have definitely earned this degree 🙂 I believe I’m going to earn that same title sooooon!!! Its crazy I believe were all scientist doctors and ginny pigs all at the same time so YES we all have earned the title… Dr. Tiffany sounds awesome too!!!

  2. Meeya
    Meeya says:

    Dearest Professor Dr Dr Conway,
    Please accept my most enthusiastic compliments on your latest article on MS, which should really finally earn you that long due Nobel prize for your outstanding achievements in positive encouragement for so many fellow warriors… 😀😂👏
    Big big hugs from this highly specialized scientific community!


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