What was I trying to say?

Words. We all use them. When we aren’t speaking them out loud, we are thinking them in our heads or writing them down on scraps of paper. Not one day goes by without the use of words. My words, though, seem to come out all mixed up. It’s as if someone took my vocabulary, put it into a blender and then dumped all the chopped up words on a table. Only somehow, some of the words got lost. Maybe the dog ate them. I think I’ve seen him talking when he thought no one was watching.

While writing, somehow I seem to put words into sentences that don’t actually belong and leave others out. It’s just as bad when I talk. I will say something and then pause for a moment wondering “What did I just say?” I know I have left people scratching their heads in bewilderment as I matter-of-factly explain something I need done, then wonder why they aren’t doing what I asked.

Somehow I hear everything correctly inside my head but the words that exit my mouth…well, they aren’t the ones I was thinking. It’s the old “bait and switch” routine that my brain plays with me. He’s a sneaky bugger.

It’s crazy how the filter between my brain and fingers, or my brain and mouth, seems to get things all mixed up. I wonder if there’s a replacement filter I can install? They make oil filters for my car that have to be replaced after so many miles of use. Can I get a word filter replacement for my brain, please?

And don’t even suggest turning on auto correct. Auto correct messes me up even more. I am convinced it’s trying to take over the world. It will rewrite my words into different words and insert random words into sentences that have nothing to do with what I’m trying to say. That’s when I get really confused. Many times as I look at something I’ve written, I’m left wondering what I was even trying to say in the first place.

According to auto correct, not only do I “create new words” but I’m “cursing bee wigs” too. I didn’t even know bees had wigs. I’ve heard something mentioned once about bees knees, but never about wigs. Do they even have hair?

Oh, the joys of Multiple Sclerosis. If you can’t laugh, you will have a miserable time in the days and years ahead. Laugh and keep on laughing. Or as auto correct just corrected me, “lift and keep on lifting.”

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  1. Donald Randle
    Donald Randle says:

    Do you appreciate your mornings
    Does waking up jumping out the bed give you a good feeling
    Or do you just take it for granted
    Imagine waking up and your stiff
    And every muscle hurts all over
    Not being able to start your day off with a coffee but a cocktail
    A cocktail being about 20 pills
    Nothing that heals just things to make it bearable
    Imagine scared to stand up and take a shower cause you are afraid your knees may buckle
    Imagine you loving to dance 💃 and wear your heels but you can’t cause your legs are like noodles
    Imagine being the life of the party but you can’t party cause if things that affect your life
    Imagine being Mighty Strong but not strong enough to even dress your kids
    Let alone yourself
    Things we take for granted cause they are so simple what we call everyday life
    But some people live a different life everyday
    And that everyday life is a major battle
    Days they want to get up and run but can’t move cause they feel like they have trampled by a herd of cattle
    Ever heard someone say they feel like they been hit by a train
    I know it doesn’t sound saine
    But at the same time that person has to maintain
    I have a Mighty Special friend who misses these things and endured the pain of tying to do and not being able to
    Live each day in thanks for the simple things cause some things that are normal to you is Mighty Special to someone else

  2. Peggy
    Peggy says:

    Love this! So true! LOL 😂
    Autocorrect Sooo frustrating! As for me I’m still waiting for someine to call me ‘bacon’. At a Dr appointment my husband was waiting in the car and texted me about the delay and I texted that I was still waiting to be called back; which was autocorrected to bacon! 😄

  3. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    Well written Penelope, we all need a laugh now and then. I’m pleased there is a word check on this site or it will be unreadable and wrong. I thought I made that word up but it’s real, unreadable?????

  4. Carla L Broadbent Rogers
    Carla L Broadbent Rogers says:

    No mistake on these words today and always…..Be well and thank you Penelope you are an inspiration to me and many more.

  5. Asia Stouth
    Asia Stouth says:

    Well said, Penelope!! 😉 I can so relate, and do this all the time. My kids asked what was for supper once. I answered “tomatoes”. (Nope! Try again.) “Potatoes.” (Nope, but hey, a rhyming game.) In frustration, I shouted “fricking HAMBURGERS!!” So it’s the big joke around here now when my words come out all wrong. They just look at me and say “fricking hamburgers, eh?!” You’re right. We have to laugh. 😊😊


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