We are warriors fighting in a battle that many will never see

I looked up the word discourage in the dictionary this morning. I know that may sound silly, but I wanted to know exactly what it meant. My brain doesn’t let me remember things like that any more.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, discourage means to deprive of courage, hope, or confidence.

Wow…lately I guess you could say I have been deprived of courage, hope and confidence. Maybe you have too. It’s hard trudging through the day when I feel like I’m dragging the weight of all my emotions and troubles along the journey with me. Emotions can get messy and heavy. I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t need any more messiness in my life let alone extra weight to add to my load.

So many times life just doesn’t make sense…MS doesn’t make sense. We try to fit everything that is happening around us into a neat little package and tie it up with a pretty little bow, but it just never seems to quite fit as we had hoped. Life begins spilling out around us and discouragement has this wonderful ability to sneak in to join the party.

When I get discouraged and start to feel as if I’m falling apart, I remind myself of why I have stuck it out this far in the first place. Yes, the road is hard. Yes, I’m dodging bullets at every turn. Yes, I have been hit and wounded by a few. Yes, I’m tired, worn out and weary, but I’m more than those things…and so are you.

We are warriors fighting in a battle that many will never see. Our battle is real, it’s personal, and it’s ongoing. But just because each day we wake up in the trenches, doesn’t mean we have to sit down and never move forward. You have to keep going even if all you can do is drag your body through the mud on your elbows.

Don’t let the struggle you are facing keep you from being the amazing person that you are. Fight with your head held high, full of courage, hope and confidence. Don’t let discouragement set up camp along the way.

Be encouraged by looking back at how far you have already come. Yes, there’s a long road ahead, but don’t look at how long it is. Focus just on today and the journey in front of you right now. You will conquer it one step at at time.

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  1. Mike Douglas Russell
    Mike Douglas Russell says:

    Hello Penelope Conway

    Thank you for the positive message and encouragement to keep moving forward. Like you, I always look for that positive in every negative. It’s there, most just don’t take the time to look.

    I tend to take a inventory of all I am blessed with and know the challenges are just that, “a challenge”.

    Keep up your positive work and messages. Wishing you the best!

  2. Karen Pittman
    Karen Pittman says:

    Wow. Beautifully written. You hit the nail on the head with every reference.
    It has been a struggle for me since being diagnosed…and it’s hard sometimes to let the anger go of “why me” and discouragement creeps into my life too.
    But, reading this and knowing I’m truly not alone…helps.
    Thanks so much for sharing

  3. Tiffany Lanthier
    Tiffany Lanthier says:

    So so so true 😊 we must ALWAYS keep our heads held up high because we are WARRIORS and we CAN DO IT!!! I always think about who is wstching me and they may be learning something new and how to not give up when the road has bumps or even huge pot holes, even people with out MS. Penelope you really say things in your post that are great and always at the most perfect time 😊 so a BIG hug to you and THANK YOU 😘


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