You are stronger than even the rarest diamond ever found

Are you really going to let life defeat you? You’ve done so much. You’ve fought so hard. You’ve cried so many tears. You’ve climbed so far. Are you really going to give up now?

You may think you can’t go on, but you are capable of so much more. I know you are…and I believe in you even when you can’t find the strength to believe in yourself.

Just because multiple sclerosis is a part of your life doesn’t mean your life is over. No matter how difficult today may be for you, you really do have the strength to get through it. And that strength, it’s found inside yourself. You just so happen to carry it with you everywhere you go.

Don’t waste the day feeling sorry for yourself. You are so much more than MS ever will be. MS just happens to be one part of your life, but it’s not who you are. You are more than the pain, more than the weakness, and so much more than the weariness, loneliness and disappointments. You get the amazing opportunity each day to define who you are. Don’t let MS have that job.

Step back and look at your life from way over there…as I point to the furthest corner of the universe. Look at all you’ve been through over the years. I know it can seem unfair and even hurt looking back at the hard times you’ve faced, but do you not see the strength you have gained in return for the struggles you’ve endured? You are amazingly strong. Stronger than even the rarest diamond ever found.

Diamonds are created through tremendous heat and massive pressure. There’s no other way for them to become so beautiful. You may not believe me, but you are a beautiful and amazingly rare diamond…and diamonds just so happen to be the strongest material in the world.

You have endured the heat and the pressure of some truly awful circumstances, and now here you are raw and uncut, beautiful and oh so precious. It’s your time to shine.

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  1. Claire
    Claire says:

    Thank you Penelope – your words are empowering as ever. May you shine bright for all us MS warriors forever.

  2. JoyH
    JoyH says:

    Needed this today. Neuro confirmed what I was afraid of yesterday-relapse. But I’m functioning, so I’ll take that as a positive. Thank you so much for knowing what I (and many others) need to hear!

  3. Linda
    Linda says:

    Thank you for your insights and caring words. I needed it today. Been feeling sorry for myself lately and I don’t like feeling that way at all. You’re right, all the trials & tribulations I have been through have made me stronger. Thank you for the reminder. God bless you 🙏

  4. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    Thank you Penelope. On a day that I feel like crap, you made me see things in another manner. I have value. 😊. God Bless you😇


    Thank you for sharing this post with us all Diamonds sparkle brightness and so do you Penelope with all of your fantastic posts that help so many people with MS
    Take Care

  6. Meeya
    Meeya says:

    …and how did you know that I needed this so much today?!?
    Sending a big THANK YOU, and HUGE HUGS your way, our most precious diamond… 💎 💕


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