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You know you’ve had Multiple Sclerosis too long if…

Multiple Sclerosis affects everyone differently, but even in our differences we have similarities. It’s interesting to sit in a room full of people living with MS and hear their stories. Some make you cry, some make you laugh, but they all make you thankful because you know you are surrounded by people who understand.

As you go through the days ahead, it’s important to find humor in the struggle. Laughter is powerful and infectious. I never thought of it like this before, but infections are contagious and I think laughter is one thing worth catching. I hope this give you a laugh today…or at least a smile.

You know you’ve had Multiple Sclerosis too long if…
  • You know what CRAB meds are and have experienced firsthand how they can make you crabby
  • You have a collection of canes in your house, in your car and at work, yet try not to use them as much as possible
  • You’ve been mistaken as one of “Jerry’s Kids” more than once
  • Side airbags on barstools and chairs sounds like a great idea
  • You know the taste of Solumedrol and have felt empowered during infusions to help people pack, push their car to a gas station or shake the leaves off their trees
  • The phrase “stop, drop and roll” has a new meaning to you
  • You climb Mount Everest every week just by vacuuming the floor, shopping and cooking dinner
  • You put your cell phone in the refrigerator, the orange juice in the dishwasher and your house keys in the garbage…and are always surprised when you find them
  • You have a disabled parking hang tag yet refuse to use it most of the time
  • Roller coasters are no longer your friend
  • Random people approach you with a cure because they’ve heard it worked for a friend’s relative’s neighbor or for some random person online
  • “I’m fine” is a standard reply to someone asking how you’re doing
  • You know what an MS Hug is
  • You have developed new ways to open packages, clip your fingernails and style your hair, and could probably patent your ideas
  • You are an expert at falling up the stairs
  • You are never the designated driver when out with friends because you might get pulled over for drunk driving and have a hard time explaining that you’re sober
  • “Nap” is no longer a bad word
  • You have post-it notes, calendars, lists, alerts and alarms to keep you organized and still forget things
  • You have created new words that should be added to the dictionary under a section called “MS Jive Talk”
  • You’ve discovered that the people who you thought were your friends really weren’t, and those you didn’t realize were friends really were.
  • You know what it feels like to be electrocuted even though you’ve never put your finger in a light socket before
  • Your pain tolerance has increased but tolerance for stupid people hasn’t
  • You smile just to keep from crying

And just when you think you can’t go on…watch this and keep on laughing! It’s contagious, you know?!

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  1. Lisette
    Lisette says:

    I have just found your site. I only know myself with MS and have had no experience with anyone else. Doctors here are not ‘here for their patients’ and I do not have any support group. Please tell me what you are referring to when you say ‘MS Hug’..probably have experienced it but for me it has no name. Thanks.

  2. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    Thanks Penelope the video is good. The list is relevant to all of us in as meany different ways as how different ways we are affected.

  3. Peggy
    Peggy says:

    Love it….such a great and avary accurate list!!! As hubby says sometimes you’ve gotta laugh to keep from crying! Then again i laugh so hard i DO cry😂

  4. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    thanks again I really needed a good laugh today 🙂 and YOU nailed it, I’m still laughing 🙂 my cheeks are hurting 🙂

  5. Rita
    Rita says:

    I get frustrated when people don’t understand why you so tired all the time or when they reply ” Me too, I am so tired, I went shopping…”.
    Please Penelope, write something about MS Fatigue. I don’t know if you had written it before. Sometimes I feel it is just me who feels like that tired. My mother is 73 year-old and she has 6 times more energy than me. I think Fatigue is the worse of having MS. For me, it is. Thank you. Rita .

  6. Tony Franklin
    Tony Franklin says:

    I enjoy Positive Living!!! It is a mindset I try and use every day!!! Of course as we all know it is most times easier said than done!!! I have always been a comedy fan, and try to ease the mind of those who don’t know exactly how to deal with the fact that I have this thing called ms with comedy!! Ms has given me many opportunities to apply a silly or amusing take on things that I might be experiencing! I would much rather see someone smile and laugh with me than look befuddled or sorry or scared for me!!! Thanks for your outlook!!!

  7. Kim Cupit
    Kim Cupit says:

    Thank You As Always! You Can Put Into Words So Many of The Things That I’m Facing Now, and I’m Sure The Rest Are Coming Soon! I Am Able To Smile an Even Get a Laugh In… Right On Sister! 🙂 “Smile It Makes People Wonder What You Been Up To” Just Thought of You! Continue Your Awesome Job! 🙂

  8. Nick
    Nick says:

    Re random people with cures: this one boils my blood! I have succumbed to passively aggressively begging for this mythical cured person’s contact information so I can bring with to my neuro! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Chris
    Chris says:

    Thank you for a wonderful post! I can relate to some of your points and look forward to the others. But that video, I’m laughing now making breakfast. You’ve made my morning!!

  10. Jackie Somerville
    Jackie Somerville says:

    I LOL’ed at so many of these. Their funny cause their true!
    Thanks for the vid. It truly is contagious 😉


    Thanks for sharing this post with us all what you say is the post is something so many of us living with MS will be able to relate to about life with MS


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