I wish Multiple Sclerosis was no more

One day Multiple Sclerosis will be no more. It will not be able to cause pain, fatigue, weakness, and those crazy frozen brain moments. It will no longer have the opportunity to harass or hurt another person in the world. Its attempts to cause any kind of harm will be foiled.

I wish that day was today, but when I woke up this morning MS was still here. It appears my dream hasn’t come true as of yet, but that doesn’t mean there’s no hope for tomorrow. Whether you believe me or not, anything is possible tomorrow and I will never stop believing for great things to happen…for you or for me.

Today as I wait, I choose to live life in the moment. I discovered when I live that way, I am able to put my fears and worries to the side because I find more joy focusing on the things that truly matter. You know, things like family, friends, chocolate, and coffee. Yes, lots and lots of coffee.

My greatest dream is for years from now, people will look at the road I took in life and wonder what it was that made me so strong. I want them to see something in me that leaves them in awe and scratching their heads in wonderment.

And when they ask what it was that gave me such strength, the resounding answer will be “She had Multiple Sclerosis and never gave it rights to her heart. She lived and loved life in spite of the struggle.” And I want them to be able to carry that same strength with them everywhere they go.

I want that for you too. Today, you have the strength to face this very moment in your life no matter if you are in the hospital hooked up to noisy monitors, busy nurses and meds galore or if you are stuck in traffic with a twitch in your leg that makes you drive more like a drunk driver than a respectable citizen.

You are amazing. Never believe anything different. All those negative focused thoughts that have a tendency to make their way into your head…they are lies. All lies. You are strong enough for this part of the journey. So much stronger than you give yourself credit for.

Enjoy the little moments that make up today. Find something that gives you joy and do it. Find the rainbow in the storm. Today is your day, now LIVE!!!

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  1. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    AWESOME once again 🙂 wow this is kinda scary Penelope you always say something to help me on this journey, almost like your in my head… haha I do need to live in the moment right now and push ALL of the garbage and the chatter in my head away!!! It is a good journey when you live for now and to stay positive always 🙂 and you know exactly what and when to say it Penelope so a BIG hug to you and THANK YOU 🙂

  2. Leah
    Leah says:

    Just like you said, we should live our lives in the moment. In fact I’ve called my mom to ask her to spend this Saturday with me while my husband and my dad go golfing. I’m going to have a mother and daughter spa day in my home. I’ll prepare a salad with a healthy smoothie of some kind, prep my bathroom so we can do facials, hair conditioning treatments, and manicures. I think I’ll get my husband to pick up a sparkling bottle of wine for mom and I to enjoy too. I’m excited already! Thank you Penelope for the encouragement and positive outlook, Have yourself a terrific week end too!


    Thanks for sharing this post with us all and each and everyone of us living with MS will be in totally agreement about this post .
    I wish MS was No More You Wish MS was No More and millions of others around the world wish MS was No More


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