What does a Multiple Sclerosis warrior look like

Multiple Sclerosis warriors come in all shapes and sizes. You normally can’t pick them out from the people standing in line at the grocery store or from those seated in a restaurant…but they are there. MS warriors are those amazing people who charge into battle when they have every right to hide under the covers. They don’t fit into any particular mold, wear a noticeable badge of honor or win any bravery awards. But brave…oh, they are!!!

It’s not easy to become an MS warrior. You can’t wish yourself to be one just because you want to be one or simply slap a label on your forehead that says “Look at me, I’m an MS warrior.” You can’t gain such a title by merely blogging about it, dreaming about, or talking about it.

You become one by staying in the fight and hanging in there even when you’re shaking in your boots. You hang on through the hard times as you learn to cope with the constant changes, through the emotional rollercoaster you find yourself riding, and even through the struggle of dealing with people who disappoint you.

I’m not saying you get to punch that rude person in the nose for making fun of the way you walk or slug the one who refuses to acknowledge the struggle you endure, no matter how much you might enjoy doing so. That’s not an option…although…you can always picture it in your head as you outwardly smile. They will think you’re smiling because you’re happy, but you will know the real reason! (grin)

No, part of becoming a warrior is standing up (even if only on the inside) when those things happen and choosing to push through the hard times holding your head up high as the tears are flowing. Yes, warriors cry. They fall, tremble, get fearful, worry, hurt…but they don’t give up!

An MS warrior is…
someone who wakes in the morning feeling terribly awful but chooses to start their day anyway.
They rise to the challenge of the day even when the challenge is overwhelming.
They see the struggle that needs to be overcome and face it…head on.
They stand in the front lines shoulder to shoulder with others just like them.
They push past the stereotypes the world uses to define MS and choose to define MS in their own terms.
They refuse to quit.
They find victory at the end of each day, even when feeling defeated.
They look MS eyeball to eyeball and say “Don’t mess with me.”
They experience pain and difficulties but push on anyway with the smallest of strength they have left.
They have learned in the heat of battle that life is more than careers, fancy cars and big houses…and they’re okay with that.
They experience fear, worry, doubts, and even shed a few tears of their own, but never let those things stop them or hold them back.

Look in the mirror today because staring back at you is an MS warrior! Yes, you are strong enough. You are brave enough. You are tough enough. Wipe those tears away and greet today with a smile, oh mighty warrior!

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  1. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    We are all in that place but in different ways. We all face problems and face them in different but somewhat same way and are still warriors in our own way. Thank you for this post.

  2. Jim
    Jim says:

    Great inspiration, but I have to admit there are a lot of days when I can barely make it — and I certainly don’t have a smile nor feel like an “MS Warrior.” On those days, I feel less of a person because I can’t contribute to the chores around the house. Because I miss out on activities with my family because I don’t have the strength. Because depression is always trying to catch hold of me, always there behind me like a shadow. Because I know that I’m close to losing my job because I can’t perform my full duties.

    I’m trying to be a warrior though. Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement to keep going.


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