My Multiple Sclerosis wonky vision

My vision is truly awful and has only continued to decline. There isn’t really a word to accurately describe my eyesight woes. Just when everything seems to be getting better, MS sneaks in with a double whammy. Bam kapow!

Years ago I had my eyesight surgically corrected and it was one of the best decision I could have ever made. I no longer had to wear glasses or deal with dirty and fogged up lenses. It was great waking up and not having to reach for my glasses just to function normally.

MS eyesight troubles aren’t corrected with surgeries or glasses. It’s cause is nerve damage related which doesn’t have a quick fix. Oh, how I wish it did.

In order to surf the internet I have to increase the font size of the page I’m reading and then view it with one eye closed. If I don’t close one eye, everything blends together and I see all of the words with a drop shadow. So basically it’s double vision. It’s exhausting reading that way.

But my vision troubles don’t stop there. I also have lost color clarity in one of my eyes making everything I see void of vibrant colors. I have crazy blind spots, vertigo due to my inability to deal with rapid eye movements, and weakness caused by that vertigo.

I have to take lots of pauses throughout my day in order to lay my head against my chairs headrest, close my eyes and calm the craziness. And driving, I don’t do that much anymore these days. You’d be amazed how challenging things can get due to my inability to accurately judge distances between my van and other cars on the road, and that rapid eye movement problem only intensifies when the scenery around me keeps moving.

Shopping is challenging too because I have to scan the aisles in order to find a product I want and then once I find it I can’t read the fine print on the packaging. Just the other day I bought some pizza sauce that turned out to be spaghetti sauce. I felt like such an idiot after I got home and realized my mistake.

And of all things hot days only makes everything worse. When I get really hot I will actually lose my eyesight altogether. I guess my blind spots all just blend together making one gigantic spot.

Losing my independence is not an easy thing to deal with. At least it isn’t for me because I hate having to rely on other people’s schedules in order to get help.

To see or not to see, that is the question…and it doesn’t have an easy answer. Don’t lose hope when you face increased disability problems. Do as much as you can while you can and give yourself permission to trust that other people will step up to help you out. My experience is that help comes when you need it the most and generally from people that you least expected to step up and help.

Stay positive and never give up. You got this…you will get through this! xoxo

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  1. Joanne Quinnell
    Joanne Quinnell says:

    I’ve been diagnosed with benign positional vertigo re occurring in both ears but I had the operation in one which has changed things. Vision is just as you describe yours I have to close an eye to read as I get double vision too. Everything is maxed up and alsorts of visual disturbances.i have given up wearing glasses as my vision changes constantly. I was diagnosed with cluster headaches and get steroid injections in my head and oxygen. Light sensitivity too. Sunlight bloody hospital appointments are the worst the lights are awful 🤮

  2. Peggy
    Peggy says:

    Hugs Penelope! Makes the posts you do all more speygiven these issues! Thanks!
    I don’t have vision issues Thankfully but a friend of mine that does loves her computer feature DRAGON? something. She talks to it and it prints her words. Or reads things to her. Oh and she wears an eye patch to help read things. Maybe this can help you. If need me to can get name of that for you.

  3. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Thank you so much for your site I no longer feel alone. It was because of my eyes that a brain scan was done and sure enough I have MS sounds like I have had it a while without knowing.
    I have been with out my driving licence now for a year and its devastating I don’t like having to rely on other people to help you certainly lose your independence still I am positive and take each as it comes.
    All the best
    Lisa xxx

  4. KST
    KST says:

    Seems like Optic Neuritis. When I had it @ 15 years ago. I was given @ 5mg Prednisolone per day. Fortunately it worked, then.

  5. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    Thanks Penelope it reads like you’re on LSD or something like it. I suppose it is cheaper than getting it but I feel for you and understand what you must be going through. I have had to stop driving because my right leg doesn’t work properly and it was a bad time to give up another thing. But it forces my wife to take me out and that is hard for PTSD suffers but it can help them to get out and realizes that most of the world doesn’t do what her farther and friends have done to her. It’s a double side sword to do but there is a good side. I certainly hope you vision can be set right so you can have a better life.

  6. Tami Weiss
    Tami Weiss says:

    Penelope, I really wish I could physically be with you to help you out. I’m so sorry things are so tough 🤗


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