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I don’t know what tomorrow will be like or even the next few minutes

Have you ever gone out to your car on a cold frosty morning in a hurry to get somewhere? You crank the car and turn the defrost up on high in hopes of melting the ice covering your windshield but it’s just not thawing out quick enough for you. So you do what we have all done at one time or another, you put the car in gear and try to make your way down the road with only a small section of the window defrosted. It’s not easy to do but you know the window will keep thawing out as you drive.

It’s hard to drive like that, isn’t it?! I kind of view us going through life like driving down the road with that partially thawed out, iced up window. We don’t have the full picture in view of what tomorrow will bring…only a small glimpse of where we are going today. We don’t know if just up ahead the road is out or even if we are heading into a traffic jam. We can’t see far enough to know anything really. All we can do is get through the moment. We will make it and get where we are going, we just have to do it step by step and minute by minute.

As a person living with multiple sclerosis, I never know from one day to the next what life is going to hand me. I don’t know when I wake up in the morning if the day will be a good day, a not so good day, or a terrible, downright bad day. I just don’t know until I open my eyes and start the day. Sometimes I find out really quick what my day will be and sometimes it takes a while to determine.

It would be awful to put your life on hold, to pull over and park on the side of the road refusing to move forward simply because you can’t see far enough. Don’t give MS the satisfaction of limiting your life like that. You may not know what will happen tomorrow, but you have a small glimpse of what you can do today, so do those things.

Don’t worry about tomorrow. It’s not here yet anyway. And besides, I have found that every time I’ve worried about the unknown, things never happened the way I thought they would. My worries stressed me out way more than life itself did.

So today…don’t worry, be happy! Choose to keep chugging along with the little bit you know you can do today, just don’t stop. There is a beautiful future ahead of you, you just can’t see it in all it’s wonderment right now. Keep moving forward. It will be worth it.

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  1. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    Thanks Penelope a great video. Reminds me of The Life Of Brian movie in the crucifixion scene.
    Just to get a bit theological we live in the future all the time. This is because all the past has gone and the present is only an instant so it’s gone when it comes so we are always in the future, every thing we have done or going to do has been set, even this message. I didn’t plan too much and let it fall into place after I started. But all the present goes into the past as soon it happens so we live in the future ever second of the day. A bit weird but logical.

  2. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    Thank you Penelope. You reminded me to just keep moving forward when I was stuck on the “what ifs”. God Bless you. Have a great day😊


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