Multiple sclerosis and me are not a good fit

Some thing go together…bees and honey, milk and cookies, pen and ink. Then there are some things that just don’t fit. Things like peanut butter and mustard or swimming and lightning…those things don’t fit so well together. How about music and ear plugs or driving and texting? Nope, they don’t fit either. You know what else don’t pair so well, Multiple Sclerosis and me. We are just not a good fit. It’s a constant battle of what I want to do and what MS will allow me to do.

I still find myself overdoing it and pushing myself beyond what I should be doing. Regrettably, every time I do that I end up feeling the effects of it later. You would think I’d know not to push so hard by now. Sometimes I do it because I just want to fit in with everyone else. Other times it’s because I forget my limits. But most of the time it’s just because things need to get done and I’m the only one around to do them.

It’s important to know your limits and to treat your body with care. Our bodies need more care than most and we have to be sure to not overdo it. We all get busy, we all have moment when we push too hard, we all forget just how much our bodies have changed because of MS, and we all need to recognize when we need to take a break.

A vacation from MS would be an amazing thing to have, but since that’s not going to happen any time soon, give yourself permission to slow down and rest. Maybe I can’t rid my day of MS, but I can purposely give myself a break and do something just for me.

I have decided this weekend that I’m going to pamper myself and not lift a finger to do anything. No cleaning up messes, no laundry, no work of any kind. Just me time and coffee. I’m going to do it even if that means turning my phone off, shutting down my computer and locking the door. I’m choosing to step away from the chaos and just rest. I’m choosing myself over MS. We all need to do that from time to time.

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  1. Carla L Broadbent Rogers
    Carla L Broadbent Rogers says:

    I wish that instead of a belly button, we had a pause or hold button. I also wish MS would come with a Delete button. Be well and all good things now and always.

  2. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    Thanks Penelope we do need to look after ourselves as we know best what pampers us and no one can do any better. My main problem at the moment is fatigue. This has caused weak legs and there seems to be nothing to help so if anyone knows of something please let Penelope know and she can get in touch with me.

  3. Martin Dance
    Martin Dance says:

    Hi Penelope
    I came across your website by googling ‘Positive thoughts with MS’ the other day.
    Been reading your posts & all spot on !
    This recent one is me spot on !
    Been diagnosed 2 years now with RRMS & disease i wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.
    When I’m having a bad day I just say to myself that MS LIVES WITH ME not the other way round !
    So very encouraging to read your posts & comments left by others with MS.
    We’re all in it together as my Infusion crowd every 28 x days tell me !
    Try & stick together everyone.
    God bless you all.
    I’m an MS WARRIOR now as I’ve bought some of your MS warrior mugs 👍

  4. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    Penelope, thank you. You reminded me that I have to take care of myself. I forget this, often. Take care of you and enjoy your time. God Bless you.

  5. Jan Gudbrandsen
    Jan Gudbrandsen says:

    You are always right about everything when it comes to MS!! I push myself to the limit one day & the next I’m so tired I can’t do a thing because the fatigue is just overwhelming.
    Please enjoy your day off with lots of coffee!! 😛 Jan

    • Rita de Cassia
      Rita de Cassia says:

      Exactly what happens to me. The worse is that people look at you like you are a weirdo: How come feeling so tired? Going grocery is not that much, come on? How do I explain to people that yes, I look fine, I look young and capable but I feel like a melted butter in a hot day. I hate having MS. Just who has MS truly understand it.


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