A few of my favorite things

I think I’ve turned into Linus of Charlie Brown. Well, maybe not really, but I have noticed that I have a favorite blanket and I rest better when I have it with me. We have a special bond…my blanket and I.

Its fuzzy and warm, but not too warm to cause me discomfort. It goes with me to the hospital when I have to stay overnight, is a comfort when I have infusions, protects me from the monsters in the night and lets me cry when I need to let out the emotions that are building up inside me.

What is it about things like blankets that bring such comfort? I guess it’s the same with a favorite shirt you wear when you’re watching your sports team play, a piece of jewelry you put on every time you go out, or a mug you gravitate to when pouring a cup of coffee (mine is a red mug a friend gave me). We get attached to things without even realizing we are doing it…even as adults. Things that bring us comfort and help to calm our days.

Everyone has an attachment to something…computers, sports teams, gum, even TV. We find a comfort when they are a part of our lives. Living with a chronic illness is so full of change, chaos, pain and uncertainties that I think we get attached even more to things that help us through the difficult days, and that’s okay.

I actually have a few things that bring me comfort besides my blanket, things that bring me joy on those difficult days: books, chocolate, the laugh of a child, a clean house, the smell of cookies baking, sitting by a fire, being outside in the coolness of the morning, coffee at sunrise, opening a surprise gift, the smell of fresh cut grass, the perfect shoes, a great joke, a night time sky full of stars, people watching, roasting marshmallows, completing a puzzle, listening to a friend tell a story…these are a few of my favorite things.

When difficulties come your way, what brings you comfort? What do you surround yourself with to bring you smiles? What are a few of your favorite things?

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