tree in a storm

Living in a storm called multiple sclerosis

Some days it feels like I’m stuck in a forever looming storm but the more I think about it, the more I realize that every storm has an end. Think about it. There is not one hurricane, tornado, tsunami or flood that is still threatening destruction. They have all come to an end. Some brought great fear and loss along with them, but they all ended.

When multiple sclerosis came along, it was a tremendous storm in my life. It seemed to come out of nowhere and slammed into me full force. No warning, no preparations. It just snuck up and hit me with enormous wrath and fury.

I know I have endured some horrendous storms in my lifetime but the important thing is that I made it through each one—relationship struggles, financial difficulties, health problems, unemployment, rejection, insecurities. Yet each storm has come to an end at some point in time.

We have this tendency to think that what we are currently facing is the hardest thing to ever happen in our life and that we are not going to make it through, but then tomorrow comes and we realize that we have made it. Yes, there have been lots of tears; yes, there has been pain; yes, we feel as if we are about to take our very last breath…but the storm calms and we find ourselves on the other side.

No storm lasts forever. It may seem like they do, but if you take time to look back at everything you have come through in your life, you have made it to the other side of some really crazy, difficult and troubling times…but you’ve come through them. That’s the important part. You made it. Maybe a little weary, beaten up and forever changed, but you made it.

Life didn’t overtake you. You didn’t crumble. You may look different. You may have battle scars and the threat of future storms still to come, but somehow, some way, the last storm that blew through your life ended and you managed to see the sun shine and a rainbow light up the sky once again. You did it then and you will do it again.

Today, you may feel as if you are surrounded by an earthquake, strong winds, a downpour, tsunami or lightening. You may even feel like they are all hitting you at once, but even this crazy, mixed-up storm in your life has an end. Don’t lose heart. Don’t lose hope. Let the winds blow and the rains fall, but know that you are going to make it through. You have endured much already, you will endure this too. Hold on!

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  1. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    Thanks Penelope we do have storms in our life. I have endured a dirty big earthquake n 2011, enough snow storms, and enough wind and rain storms. They have been hard and seem to endure hard. The earthquake has been hard and the destructing has not gone away and will be here for a long time. Something like MS, but we will see a future in this mess that will be good.

  2. Jan
    Jan says:

    Again, Penelope, you truly know what it means to be a MS Warrior!! You always lift up my spirits when I feel down. Much ❤️❤️ To you!! Jan 🥰

  3. holly
    holly says:

    omg… ya got me all choked up but in a good way 🙃😂.
    boy you summed up how i and i’m sure many others feel. applicable to everyone MS or not.
    very real, raw and beautifully composed from the heart ❤️.
    i am printing out what you wrote and letting my husband and son read it.
    i thank you and appreciate the time you took to write this— very inspiring and made my morning.
    wishing you many blessings.
    YOU ROCK 🤩!!!


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