Can you think of one good thing that has happened in your life because of Multiple Sclerosis?

Do you ever feel weird? Like you are not normal…if there is such a thing? I know I sure do. I tend to think differently than most people. I find humor in just about everything. If you hung out with me, you would find me laughing at dropping my plate full of food on the floor, joking about stumbling on invisible cracks in the sidewalk, and giggling because I lost my keys for the hundred-millionth time.

At one time I lived life like a caterpillar. The only thing I could see day in and day out was the leaf I was sitting on. My world was small and limited to how far I could inch myself around. But then a transformation happened.  It took time, but I grew the most amazing and beautiful wings. They changed my life.

As I spread my newly found wings and flew above the trees, I found the world to be much bigger than I had ever imagined. I saw not just my leaf, but thousands upon thousands of others too. There were leaves and flowers and oceans and mountains. My leaf  was no longer my focus. There was an entire world to explore and discover.

The other caterpillars in my tiny little space on the tree didn’t like that I changed. They wanted me to stay who I was and to keep doing all the things I did before. But once you find your wings, you can’t go back. I discovered that I liked being weird. I liked the beautiful butterfly I had become.

Much like the caterpillar, many times we get stuck in our troubles and struggles and only see life from a small place. We perch on our leaf and see only our pain, frustrations, difficulties and troubles.  We convince ourselves that we are comfortable where we are not realizing that there’s so much more to living.

It’s time to become the beautiful butterfly that you are; to spread your wings and fly into the wind; to see life from a place above Multiple Sclerosis, financial difficulties, relationship problems, pain, and stress on the job. I’m not saying to pretend those things don’t exist, just let your focus shift to find the good around you, even in a chronic disease.

Can you think of one good thing that has happened in your life because of MS? I know you would have no problem coming up with pages of bad, but name something good. For me I would have to say simplifying my life by weeding out the work and people that I didn’t need around me became a good thing. The process was tough, but in the end I found I am much happier because of it. Also, I gained new friendships with people I never would have met before, I am able to spend more time developing my artistic skills through painting and writing, and I no longer have to wake up before the sun to the buzzing of an alarm clock.

Be thankful for the good. As you do, you will begin to see more and more good around you, and before you know it you are no longer seeing life from the perspective of a tiny leaf, but from the wings of a butterfly soaring in the wind. Be that butterfly!

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  1. Carrie Hall
    Carrie Hall says:

    Everyday is a new experience my life with primary Progressive multiple sclerosis has taught me to appreciate different things in life on a daily basis! I live each day POSITIVE! I have a baclofen pump have to had surgery on it in 2 times in a 2wk span it’s been really rough but I got this we all got this

  2. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    Thank you Penelope a beautiful picture you have painted. I don’t feel that way but I can see that in you. I have grown differently than I was doing and in my time with MS has been wonderfully horrible but I know what was going on. But I had a long day yesterday and my fatigue got worse than I have ever been. But it was a learning curve and I have to grow with that mess. I suppose that what we learning has been good and makes a beautifully feeling to beat the MS some times.

  3. Jennifer Johnson
    Jennifer Johnson says:

    Thanks to your wonderful words of encouragement. I realized I’m letting MS be the one that’s made me the way I am; I’m no longer the creative person, happy, joke telling me. Where have they gone.

    After reading your article I can honestly say now I understand it’s NOT the MS…Thank you so much for your wonderful words and especially thank you from bringing me out of my slump.

    One last thing in passing…Finally some one who is like me! I finally found someone who thinks the same things are funny and find themselves laughing at themselves.


  4. Meeya
    Meeya says:

    My dearest beautiful butterfly!
    You again managed to pick me up from the floor when I was lying there, feeling sorry for myself… THANKS for taking me on this lovely ride…🦋⚘


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