As you climb your Multiple Sclerosis Everest…

This is for the weary ones, the tired ones, and the “I can’t go on” ones.

This is for the ones who cry behind closed doors yet muster up a smile to face the day.

This is for the ones who dream of the day multiple sclerosis is cured so they no longer have to deal with doctor appointments, meds, needles, pain and all the crazy MS symptoms that just randomly show up without warning.

This is for the ones who keep going even when they know they need to stop for a moment to do nothing but chill on the couch with a good book or a marathon of their favorite show on TV…no laundry, no dishes, no vacuuming, no work of any kind.

This is for the ones who get stressed and overwhelmed with the demands a life with MS brings.

This is for the hurting ones, the sad ones, the broken ones, and the lonely ones.

You are an amazing, courageous, strong person. You are not alone. Take some time to do something just for you. That pile of laundry, let it pile up. That work load, put it on hold. It doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Take time for you. Treat yourself to a movie, a night out, a steak dinner, a trip through the park, or a giant slice of chocolate cheesecake. Shake off those negative thoughts that cause you to feel worse than MS could ever make you feel.

Stand outside your situation and for just a moment try looking in from the outside. Think about what you would say to someone else standing in your shoes. Would you remind them of their value? Would you tell them to worry less? Would you encourage them to ask for help so they aren’t doing everything alone? Would you show them how to smile through the tears?

You have a mountain in front of you…an Everest. That’s your reality. But no matter how big it may be, it can be climbed. Don’t look at its massive size. Choose instead to take your eyes off of the giant boulder in front of you and look out at the beauty all around. Stop for just a moment and breathe. It takes bravery, determination and tenacity…and you have each one.

As you climb your Mount Everest today with your heart pounding in your chest and your knees buckling under you, give yourself one tiny moment to realize just how incredible you really are. You are worth it. You matter! The journey’s not easy but you’ve got this. Impossible is nothing! Question the impossible. There is no magic pill to fix things happening in your life, just a person who never gives up…and you are that person!

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  1. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    Thanks Penelope for the good thoughts. I know the motivation system and it does work, but with MS it has to be right for the person.


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