Fight with me in my multiple sclerosis journey, not against me

All right, let’s say this once and for all and get it all out in the open.

I have multiple sclerosis. It is an incurable chronic progressive disease. There are some great strides being made towards finding a cure, but at this time there is no known cure. This disease will continue to worsen in my life as the months and years pass by. It is extremely unpredictable so it’s possible it could take an entire lifetime for my body to get to a point of causing me major problems or it could happen tomorrow.

Google doesn’t have all the answers either. It is a fallible resource filled with more ideas than facts. All those cures you keep telling me about are opinions of someone who doesn’t have enough facts to back up their claims. Some of the information is even falsified in order to benefit the person or company declaring the cure. Opinions without facts are not going to end MS. Some of the things you read about may help someone manage their symptoms, but nothing is a cure.

Another thing…I didn’t cause MS in my life. There is no past mistake, sin or wrongdoing that made me develop it. If that were the case then the entire world would be living with MS because no one is perfect. That’s right…I’m not perfect and neither are you.

I didn’t eat the wrong foods, drink the wrong drinks or take the wrong meds to cause it either. MS has been around for hundreds of years, way before GMOs, aspartame or food in a can. Again, if those things caused my MS, then the entire world population would have it because everyone has been exposed to them…even you.

It doesn’t matter how much you ignore MS, deny its existence or pretend it doesn’t affect me, MS is real. Let me say that again…multiple sclerosis is REAL! I know because I live with it every single day. It’s not all in my head. Well, on that one we can both agree because my MRI would validate that point. My brain lights up like a Christmas tree on the scans because it’s covered in scars. Those scars are my battle wounds as my body fights itself. That’s right, signals got crossed somewhere along the way and my body thought my own body was the enemy.

Each morning I wake up swinging because I’m a fighter not a quitter. Some days I’m strong and can tackle the day with gusto, but I also have times when I’m struggling and need people to help me do everyday tasks that shouldn’t be a problem even for a 3 year old. That’s just how MS is. It’s unpredictable.

I need support, love and care from the people in my life, not their judgments, opinions and criticisms. I will fight MS until my dying day…that’s a fact, but if you are going to be a part of my life then I need you to fight along side me, not against me. My life hasn’t ended because of MS, I just need more help along the way.

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  1. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    Thank you Penelope for the encourage thoughts. I have got an itching problem and our doctor has given me some cream to help stopping it. It works for a day then it’s back and somewhere else on my body as well. Now I had a look at what Google has got about itching. The medical group have given cream, cold pads, and other treatments. But I put in an extension to the search to cover MS and got a totally different way of dealing with it. Multiple Scorsese Inc has an open statement that: Pruritus (itching) associated with MS is neurologic in origin so cortisone cream and other topical treatment are usually not very helpful. It was an eye opening for me as it is a reality that is MS. It is always different than ‘normal’ problems.

  2. holly
    holly says:

    PERFECT!!! as always thank you sooo much for taking the time to write this. you are in my mind.
    your words are absolutely fantastic!
    something i will print and hand out as needed. YOU ROCK!!
    sending hugs 🙂

  3. pamela jayne martland
    pamela jayne martland says:

    THANKYOU for putting into words something that I cannot, If I had friends I would show it to them, hope to help them understand. You helped to lift me today, and for that, I am very grateful.


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