I’m beyond exhausted

At the end of an exhausting day yesterday, I collapsed into my bed and tried to sleep. You know, that thing where you curl up, close your eyes, snore and drool? Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for me last night.

I spent the entire time awake through the yawns. I even tried counting sheep but they were no help. I think they actually went to sleep without me because at some point in the night I ran out of sheep to count. Now, here I am still awake at 5:30 AM watching the sun come up and wondering how I’m going to get through my already exhausted day.

Just so you know…

I know what it’s like to lie down in the bed at the end of the day only to watch the clock as the minutes tick by with each passing hour.
I know about those moments you are about to drift off to sleep when your brain suddenly gets this weird burst of energy and decides to wake up and ponder everything ponderable.
I know the feeling of frustration and discouragement when MS seems to be winning the battle with sleep as muscle spasms and pain relentlessly pulse through your body.
I know what it’s like to drag yourself out of bed in the morning so exhausted, and with your muscles so tight, that you can’t move gracefully…or even at all.
I know how it feels to stumble into the kitchen to start your day when your entire body feels like you woke up with a hangover times ten.
I know how hard it is to put a smile on your face when you at greeted by a cheery “good morning” from your spouse, child or hungry dog.
I know what it’s like to think to yourself day in and day out, “If only I could sleep through the night, life would be so much better.”

I know what it’s like to be chronically tired.

I can’t promise you that you will ever feel completely rested when you get out of bed each morning even if you’ve slept through the night, but I can promise you that you will make it through your exhausting day…eventually, minute by minute, step by step.

Hang in there today. You’re doing great, even if you are too tired to see it. Living with multiple sclerosis is truly exhausting but you will make it through your day and you will be stronger for it.

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  1. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    Thanks Penelope I have got a good session of sleep tablets but in the last few days they have been superseded by something. The first was a blocked overnight bag and I had to go to the toilet at 5:00 am which was too early even for me.
    I have just rediscovered something which I kinda remembered but it was a long time ago. this is from a book called “CHEMISTRY, VISUALIZED AND APPLIED.” The chapter is NITROGEN DERIVATIVES – UREA AND UREIDES. This is from a section Important Derivatives of Barbituric Acids. ‘Ethyl alcohol and ether depress the nervous system, since they contain ether radical.The manner in which the ethyl radical depress the brain is not known, but it probably has a dissolving effect on the fatty substances in nerve tissue.”
    It’s a bit scientific but does sound familiar. There is a bit more about the use of Barbiturates in medical circles covering pain and sleeping uses. I think there has been some advances in these drugs as this book was published 1950, 1957 , by G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

  2. Jan
    Jan says:

    You nailed this one for me!! I’ve been suffering with a migraine & vomiting for 2 days….dizziness doesn’t help or is really the cause. So no sleep for me!! I’m preparing a birthday dinner for my sister’s 70th 🎂 tonight. I just keep on going……somehow. Jan


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