Haven’t you heard…Multiple Sclerosis has been cured?!

We live in a world filled with opinions. You can’t do or say anything today without someone giving you their opinion about the right and wrong way to do or be. (Keep in mind, this post is just my opinion.)

If we spend our time listening to all those voices, we would go mad I tell you… absolutely mad. I know people mean well, but the judgmental, know-it-all attitudes have got to go. When I was a healthy person, I would get a lot of opinions thrown at me about how to live, but now that multiple sclerosis has taken up residence in my body, I’m bombarded with even more opinions. Someone once said, “It’s funny how people have strong opinions on things that they know nothing about” and that is so true.

There are opinions about what I should eat and what I shouldn’t eat, what meds to take and what I shouldn’t take, what exercises to do, what prayers to pray, and what supplements to take. I’ve heard every conceivable cure from old wives tales to what a friend of a friend of a friend did to rid their body of this monster.

I have also heard everything people stumble upon on the internet. They make it a point to let me know all about it and what I need to do. If only I would rub Calamine lotion all over my body while standing on one leg and singing Itsy Bitsy Spider at the top of my lungs…I’d be cured. Why am I not doing it? I must not really want to get better.

Have you ever wanted to just smack someone like that upside the head? They mean well, but come on. Do we still think as a society that the internet is a valid, 100% reliable source of information? It’s basically all opinion. You can find any source you want to back up your idea if you look hard enough. If you choose to believe than unicorns and leprechauns are living in your backyard and want to prove your point, I’m sure you could find a website out there that would validate it for you.

Living with multiple sclerosis is not easy and we all want a cure to be found, but we don’t need to be criticized or judged by others for how we choose to deal with this disease all because of something you can read online. There are different types of MS, differences in the people living with it and different progressions that can happen. That’s a lot of differences to try and cram into one fix-all solution.

How about this? Do your best to shut out all the opinions flying around you and choose to simply enjoy life. That way you can cut out the stress that comes with all those opinions and can use your time instead to create amazing memories with the people you love. After all, that’s what really matters anyway.

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  1. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    Thanks Penelope there are so many opinions that can fill our live with rubbish and fill our head with so many problems that can cause us too many ways that we can’t cope with them all. I get a surveys from Opinion World site and there are lots of different opinions about everything so it’s best if we keep our own until a genuine way can be found.

    • Peggy
      Peggy says:

      Yes! Love the article and video as well as your thoughts for the day! All so true! My opinion is that if they knew what caused MS maybe, just maybe they could figure out what we needed BUT then again that video….😉


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