Yes I have multiple sclerosis and yes I still laugh

When terrible things happen, one of the first things to disappear in the chaos is laughter. Somehow all the smiles and giggles that once filled the day get tossed to the wind and pushed aside due to things like fear, anger, sadness and worries.

For many people, laughter just doesn’t fit in with all that’s happening in their crazy, mixed up world. I mean, how can anyone laugh when their life is falling apart? It just seems impossible…absurd…oh, so wrong.

Laughing does not mean a person is ignoring their reality. It does not mean they are being careless, ignorant or naive. It just means that they are putting down all those weighty, life altering thoughts for awhile in order to rest and build up the strength needed for the upcoming fight.

No one knows how long a difficult time will last when it comes to multiple sclerosis. It could be hours, days, years, or a lifetime, and laughter is one of those things that simply makes the steps lighter and easier to make. I, myself, have been known to laugh through my tears. That’s kind of like those times when it’s raining outside while the sun is still shining. Seems impossible, but it happens.

Over the years living with MS, I have discovered that laughter is the very thing, the glue, that holds life together when tragedy strikes. I laugh when I fall, flub up words, have accidents, run into things, confuse my thoughts and even when I forget appointments. If I didn’t laugh I would be crying…and crying takes way too much effort.

Laughter is important. It’s needed. It’s what puts that little bit of sanity into the insane. It brings out the rainbows and butterflies, and chases away the clouds. It seems that once laughter is gone, all else falls apart so much faster and harder.

Never apologize for laughing and don’t ever feel guilty for enjoying life in the struggle. The person that can enjoy the journey regardless of the potholes, ditches and mud puddles is a rare breed. Be that rare breed.

Don’t let the things you are facing today take away your ability to laugh. Wear a smile through the tears, go against the flow and allow yourself to laugh, really laugh…and keep on laughing. It truly does the body good.

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  1. CarolPA
    CarolPA says:

    I agree with the laughter. It has helped me.
    I have ms, but it doesn’t have me.
    Attitude about ms helps, I believe.
    I was DX in 1991.
    I lost my husband in 2017.
    Son had heart attack and stroke. can’t work anymore, lives with me. 50 years old
    Daughter police officer in major city. 45 years old.
    Raised with my husband both kids.

  2. Andrea Featherstone
    Andrea Featherstone says:

    I laugh often. It makes an embarrassing fall a lot easier when you laugh, for yourself and others.

  3. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    Thanks for this Penelope. I had thought I had lost my humour but something happened and I still have it. I will use it whenever I can and not try and hide it.


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