I have a need and I’m not too proud to let people know

I have had people over the years tell me that I shouldn’t let my followers know that I have a financial need. That it’s wrong to do. But I happen to disagree with that statement. Every week…every day…I give of myself to you for no financial gain. I share my life, my heart, give of my time, so people won’t feel so alone in their fight with multiple sclerosis. Many times I am sharing from a place of brokenness myself. I think that’s why what I share is so well received. Because you know that I get it. I’m living it along with you.

I know many of you don’t have the means to help me, and that’s okay, but some of you can. I also know that I will lose readers and followers for this, and I offer no apologies. I have always been told that if we don’t talk about a need then people will never be able to help.

Five years ago my career ended and I was forced into the world of disability. It was a tough time for me. What makes it tougher is the fact that I no longer have a way to earn money for any major life changes.

I am in need of a remodel of my bathroom in order to make it wheelchair accessible. Something I never thought would be needed. But here I am now in a wheelchair. I have raised over $10,000 to date and the reno is in process, but have discovered with the demolition that I am now needing the flooring in my master bedroom replaced with a waterproof type. One that will not get ruined if water gets on it. 

The flooring right now is an older pergo laminate and will warp if it gets wet which means my bedroom floor will need to be updated. Using a wheelchair from the bathroom to the bedroom will trail water throughout. Pergo now makes a waterproof flooring called WetProtect that still looks amazing (like real wood plank flooring) and can be installed in and around bathrooms where there is the potential of water. Tile would be too expensive.

To replace the flooring throughout the house it will cost $6,000 which would give the other rooms in the house the same waterproofing I need. Places like the kitchen and laundry room. If I raise $1,500 I will be able to do the master bedroom and bath, but the full amount would complete all rooms in the house giving a cohesive look from room to room.

Thank you for your consideration and for sharing this need with others.

Ways to give…