Even with a disability you are able to do more than others

There are all kinds of people in this world. Some will help you along the way while others will attempt to push boulders into your path. Living with a disability is not always easy. I have met the rude, uncaring types of people who watch as I struggle to open a heavy door instead of stepping in to help and I have come across the ones that choose to give me the death stare as I pull into the disabled parking spot at the grocery store only to turn away (hopefully in shame) as soon as they see me wheel my way inside from a wheelchair.

It’s sad really, that we as a society have become such critical, judgmental, selfish and uncaring people. It can be seen everywhere you turn. You don’t have to have a visible disability or even be disabled to witness it.

So, how do you function as a person with a disability in a world that cares more for itself than others? What do you do when people are rude? Mean? Angry? Do you respond in the same way as them…rudeness for rudeness? Hate for hate? Anger for anger?

That seems like the easy way, doesn’t it? It’s easy to throw out a few hurtful words in response to someones mean-spirited actions, but just be cause it’s easy that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

How people act is not about you—it’s all about them. You can tell a lot about a person just by watching what they do, how they act, and what they say. How you respond to all that craziness though, that’s all you. Don’t let people’s wrongful, uncaring and bigoted actions cause you to stoop to their level.

Everything we go through in life becomes part of the person we are. We aren’t born with great character, integrity and honor. It’s something that is developed in us through the struggles we face, and living with a disability definitely gives us plenty of opportunities to keep working on all of it too.

Today, if you are met with a challenge from someone’s rude and insensitive behavior, take a deep breath, allow your emotions to calm down, then respond as a person of character rather than being just like them. Show them, and yourself, that even though you have a disability, you are better than they are. You are more able-bodied than them.

Step away and leave them behind you in the dust of their own destructive chaos. Instead of wrestling with pigs, you’ll be soaring with eagles.

My asking for help has brought out some of the hate. But I won’t apologies for asking. Thank you to everyone who has been able to help. I love you all.

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  1. Vicky
    Vicky says:

    Even before MS i always knew that what people thought about me or said behind my back was their problem not mine. I always smiled at the man that held the door open for me and took time to help someone in need.

    Its also hard to ask for help so its brave of you to do so. Ignore the haters. I am unable to help myself but i have put the word out there for you!

    You are a special ray of sunshine for all of us warriors! We take care of our family. 😘💜

  2. Suzanne Manser
    Suzanne Manser says:

    I always make sure I thank people who help and smile at them, especially children who move out the way or help in some other way.
    Those who don’t help or are nasty just get ignored. Their issues are not my issues. If they take issue with me, I’ll explain in basic terms that they might understand but politely. Sometimes I despair at the ignorance but mostly I smile and explain in short words with a smile.

  3. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    Thanks Penelope there are so many idiots out there. But there are many who do care for you and those are the ones you need to meet more regularly so you can have a better life. But when you meet a uncaring person don’t go down to them so you misunderstanding the caring ones that do matter. Keep going and give us good advise that you have found.

  4. Peggy
    Peggy says:

    Great advice! I have been lucky so far to have people help with the heavy doors; even offer to help me. There’s still some good in the world! But then again have experienced the idiots parking in the lines of a handicapped parking spot so that I can’t open the doors of my handicap van! But refuseto lower myself to that level!!
    You do so much Penelope so wish had something to contribute.


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