When it feels like the world is crashing in around you

I have come through many days feeling emotionally drained and dead. That kind of feeling can be scary and so very real. It’s hard to talk about things like that with someone who isn’t where you are in the middle of MS and life.

Those worn out, overwhelmed emotions can cause a person to grow weary and makes it incredibly difficult to see any good happening in life because happiness today seem impossible. Sometimes you have to get back to the basics in order to make it through the pain you are facing. Think of your day like this…

Every cell in your body is fighting to survive right now. Your strength may be waining, but your heart is beating and you have breath in your body. Can you feel it? Breathe in. Breathe out. It’s a new day and a new chance for something good to happen. Sure, life is hard, but no matter what you are going through today, believe that things are going to be okay.

MS is not the end of your life. I know how alone you can feel surrounded by the chaos. I know how much life sucks when you are faced with this monster called multiple sclerosis. You probably feel like an iceberg drifting along in a vast open ocean. It’s freezing cold and you are the only one hearing the cracking of the ice beneath you. But look there, below the surface. There are layers and layers of strength holding you up. You are not going to sink in the waters. You are a survivor!

I want you to know that not only are you going to get through this, but you are going to live again. You will feel more joy than you thought ever possible. You will. You really will.

You may walk with a limp, talk with a slur and hang onto walls for support, but you are going to be okay. You may cry more than you thought possible and the load may be hard to carry, but you’re strong. So very strong!

When it feels like the world is crashing in around you, know that I’ve been there too along with thousands of others. You’re going to get through this. You can do it. You ARE doing it…one breath at a time!

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  1. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    Thanks Penelope you know the weird thing about icebergs is they have 1/8 above the water. This is a strange thing about frozen water. it should sink not float like it does. It’s almost like MS it’s upside down to live with.

  2. Tina
    Tina says:

    I can’t tell you how much I needed to read these words today. Someone I’ve known over 20 years is so uncomfortable around me and acts so fake when she sees me. It’s like, “You came to my wedding. And all you can do is give me a big fake Hi! ?How’s it going? What’s new?” I mean how am I supposed to respond to that? Why can’t she just give me a hug and say “hi!” ? Instead of the fake bs? She made me feel like more of a freak than I already do. I’m younger than her and I’m standing in front of her with a walker and a half paralyzed right leg, and she expects me to answer that question like everything is fine and same as it’s always been? She never comes to see me and she stopped inviting me to things a long time ago. What did she expect me to say? “Oh yeah things are just peachy?” Of course this slight goes beyond everyone but myself. And there’s no one to talk to that would remotely understand. So now I have to burry it all deep down just like I do with all the other slights because no one gets it. And if I want to talk, even to my husband about this; It will be my fault because SHE didn’t do anything wrong. So I will sit here and cry my river of tears and meditate on forgiveness of myself for not speaking my truth in the moment, and forgiveness of her who treats me like a freak.
    I’m sorry. Thank you for your articles. You help me so much, and I know at least you will understand.
    Sincerely, Tina

    • bunny
      bunny says:

      hey tina- oh honey don’t beat yourself up over someone else’s actions/words. ask
      yourself this… is this person “friend” worth your tears? i bet the answer is no. i’m sure all of us ms warriors have gone through a similar situation, i know i have. our path in life is just that. good bad or indifferent, it’s for a reason. some paths are chosen. reason: this “friend” isn’t a true “friend”. chosen: next time you see her, tell her how you are feeling having to live with ms.
      now i have taken the chosen path. people have shown true colors and that weeds out the fake people who no longer have any significance in my life and makes me pray even harder and give thanks to all the “solids” lol in my life. the people who love and truly care about me, my family, our lives and vice-versa.
      girl pat yourself on the back for fighting the ms monster. you rock!!! it’s ok to celebrate you- whahoo
      also think about looking up your local or national ms society for reputable online links to contact support people. they have helped me along my ms path. sending you big huge hugs.

  3. bunny
    bunny says:

    well girl you do it again and again. your words are so true and hit home.
    never thought i’d cry as much as i do or have so many depressed moments in my life.

    i’m a sagittarius ♐️ happy, goofy, positive , free spirited, glass is 1/2 full person.

    the MS monster drags ya down BUT
    i’m here!!! living breathing, pushing through, sucking it up, moving forward and counting my blessings another day.

    i have many of your posts printed and hanging up in “the everything” room 🤣🤣.
    today’s post will be joining them.
    thank you 😊

  4. Marci Klahsen
    Marci Klahsen says:

    Your messages have brought me positivity to this disease MS! There are days I just feel like giving up, but then I will read one of your messages. The message brings me hope! Thank you!

  5. Janet Stanzel
    Janet Stanzel says:

    Your words are always so positive and upbeat. 😊 I am trying to stay positive and not fall through the cracking ice with the help of your encouraging words.

    As always, Thank you Penelope . 🤗😘

  6. Jan
    Jan says:

    Thank you Penelope for another great insight on MS. I hear the ice cracking all the time, but yet find the strength to keep on going when I want to just quit. I try to be a MS Warrior! Jan 😘


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