Beautifully broken

Some say that I’m broken. They look at my past mistakes in life and even at the fact that I’m living with multiple sclerosis, and all they seem to see is cracks and imperfections. But the most amazing thing happens when you hold me up to the light. You may see my broken places…but, you will also see what makes me beautiful, because in those cracks are the stories of overcoming and standing strong.

Because of those imperfections, I am who I am today…broken bits and all. My scars tell my story. My MS scars may be invisible to the world, but their effects are made real as I struggle to get through the day. I may not be able to walk more than a few steps on my own, I may not be able to change the sheets on my bed without a fight, I may not be able to hold onto my coffee cup without using two hands…but I keep fighting anyway. I push on. I keep going. Sometimes through a sea of tears, but I keep going.

This past week was a tremendous challenge for me that tried its best to sink me. My accounts were hacked with an attempt to bring about destruction…like I really needed something more than MS to try and destroy me. Trust me, MS does a pretty good job of that without any help from anyone else. Good thing is that even with the pile of crap coming at me, I didn’t give up and never will. I’m a fighter that way.

You have broken places and cracks too. Your mistakes and hurts are real, as well as your disability, but so is your beauty. Let your beauty shine through you and let your story inspire others. Just because you have cracks doesn’t mean you are worthless. Even if you are broken, you are a container of life, love, brilliance and beauty. Let those things spill out today.

The story is in your scars and may be just what someone needs to hear in order to keep going.

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  1. Anita Hohls
    Anita Hohls says:

    MS is sometimes so invisible that others comment on how good you look……….when asked how you are? I just answer OK or GOOD. (I have a cyst in my cerebellum and have cerebellar ataxia too)
    Thanks Vicky for your directness. It surely gives one hope… My friend asked me how I really am well this was my answer to her:
    I am well, but I’m sore
    My faith is strong, but my body is weak
    I am happy and thankful, but sad in my patience
    I have courage, but am defeated because: I can’t
    I have no worries because I am enfolded in Gods Love, but am worried because I can’t fulfill and finish my tasks
    I have candor, but am so laden with decisions that plague me
    I am loved, but unfulfilled as wife/woman
    I am wanted, but worthless as helper
    I am a mother and Oma, but only from afar
    I have no dementia my brain is just fine, but I am slow and sometimes seek for words
    I have my two In-laws and my mom living with me and am blessed, but the responsibility of caring for them…….
    I’m thankful for my friendships, friends are always there whether near or far away, they brighten up your day
    I can drive, but not on all days
    Sometimes I feel so good and think I can do it all, but realize quickly how easily I fall
    Positive Living is my MOTTO too, I am thankful for the beauty around me and all the things I can still do….

    Regards Anita

  2. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    Thanks Penelope you’re on the button when writing that we are all broken, but we are still here and nothing is taking us away.

  3. Vicky
    Vicky says:

    I so needed to hear that this week. Having my first relapse and it makes it all too real – again.

    I have had my identity stolen before and i know what a battle that is! Good luck!

  4. madeline newton
    madeline newton says:

    well said and putting it to paper makes even better for others to read and hopefully understand what MS does to us but it doesn’t break us….great ,love it …

  5. Belinda Castle
    Belinda Castle says:

    This is such a positive piece. When I was hit with MS at the age of 48 I felt as if my life was over. It took everything away from me. It’s taken me around 15 years to get to the place I’m at now. I will never give in what ever it throws at me. I’m fighting too.
    See my blog at for my take.


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