Multiple sclerosis has given me superpowers

I have been known to fly across the room from time to time. I can create amazing take-offs and landings too. I teleport things like my keys, the TV remote and even my phone to strange places in order to keep them safe from thieves. Who would think to look for those things in the dishwasher, microwave or the freezer. And one ability that has become annoyingly prominent lately is supersonic hearing. Really, it’s true.

It’s amazing how many faint and normally unnoticed sounds I hear. Just today I noticed that when I shuffle papers around on my desk it sounds more like a tornado getting ready to touch down than actual paper.

I have started setting my TV volume really low most of the time because I can actually feel the sounds rattling around inside my head when it is turned up. It’s not very comfortable having sounds rattling around in my head like that.

And one of the worst moments is when I’m in a room with a group of people talking all at once. All the voices and sounds bouncing around in the room start bouncing around inside my head too. It’s almost as if the nerves in my ears go into overload and I just want to throw my hands up and tell everyone to shut up.

I find myself sitting in the quiet more now just because it’s so calming. No music, no TV, no chatter…just me, my coffee and my computer. It’s funny, even typing on my keyboard starts to get to me after a while. Of course I do more hunt and peck now days so it’s not as loud as someone typing 70 words per minute.

I noticed that my hearing has become so sensitive that any sudden or unexpected sound catches me off-guard and I jump like crazy whether it be a ring-tone on my cell phone, a knock at the door, the buzzer on the dryer, or even the new mail sound on my computer for my email.

I can hear whispers from across the room too, but don’t tell anyone. I don’t want people to know that I can hear their secrets. Shhhh!

What amazing creatures us MSers are. I wonder what new superpower I will discover hidden away in the shadows of my day. Oh, wow. Did you just see that? I I can melt an ice cube just by staring at it, and with a little bit more effort, I can even make the puddle disappear too.

Multiple sclerosis is amazing!!! What’s your superpower?

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  1. madeline newton
    madeline newton says:

    love the way you can make the things that drive us up the wall sound so funny well maybe even look that way i don’t know but you have really up my day of excitement …so funny …should put part of this on a shirt for how our life really is even in our heads …ahahhah…really like it …keep up letting others know what it is like to put up with this monster i call it MS..

  2. Carla L Broadbent Rogers
    Carla L Broadbent Rogers says:

    It is the MS Magnification button that came with your Diagnosis package. Those Goody Bags came with good, bad and ugly things.
    Be well all of you who read this amazing site.
    Happy, Merry, Peaceful and Blessed Holiday Season.

  3. Janet Stanzel
    Janet Stanzel says:

    So true! My husband might get a little annoyed when we’re trying to fall asleep and I suddenly say “Did you hear that….?” Sometimes I will force myself out of bed to investigate, only to find nothing but this allows my supersonic brain to stop worrying so I can go back to sleep.🤷‍♀️
    My other power is my bionic nose…my husband says I was a bloodhound in a past life 😂

  4. Jan
    Jan says:

    Oh Penelope, isn’t MS amazing with supersonic hearing? I think I’m not really human but an outer space alien. I wear ear plugs to bed so I can’t hear the sheets rustling or the house creaking, an owl hooting, or a plane in the distance. I have to put close caption on the TV when my sister visits b/c I have the volume down low and she can’t hear very well. I have a list of noisy restaurants to avoid. I like my quite home. Bless you for making light of a curse to some of us!! Jan 😘

  5. Cj Crawford
    Cj Crawford says:

    Totally agree with the hearing thing… I swear it is one sense that has improved since so many of senses have become weaker, like touch with numb hands…


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