My Rant: why do people have to be so rude?

You can call me a bad person if you want, but when people are rude, hurtful and insensitive to someone with a disability, it infuriates me. It doesn’t matter what the disability is either. Actions like that are self-centered and simply uncalled for.

Over time, that anger builds up and I get to a point where I want to blurt out about my own disability, “If you could live in my body for just one day, you wouldn’t be so cruel. You’d realize that each day is a fight just to get out of bed. Some people with a chronic illness may be able to run marathons and work full-time jobs, but others have progressed to a point where it’s not even possible to brush their own teeth without resting first. Don’t fit me in a box and try to make my life fit into your way of thinking by refusing to even try and understand the battle I am facing everyday.”

(Okay, I’m off my soapbox now. Boy, did that feel good. Sometimes you just gotta let it out.)

If people could set their ego aside and step outside of their own self-made bubble, they would be able to see the pain and feel the hurts that are in each disabled persons life. I have days when the pain is horrible and the tears flow easily…both physical pain and psychological pain. There have been times when I couldn’t get out of bed because my legs wouldn’t cooperate, and other times when I couldn’t take a shower because I was so unsteady I just knew I would fall and hurt myself. I have other times when the struggle of just another day filled with limitations gets the best of me.

I truly wouldn’t want anyone to have to go through multiple sclerosis or deal with a disability, but I think it would be a welcomed option for some people because it would silence their hurtful words and cause them to think twice before acting in such a rude and heartless manner again. Many of you have shared your story with me of the hurts you carry due to the insensitivity of others. It breaks my heart to hear of the pain. If you are surrounded by those who get it, hold onto them…they are a keeper!

So, how do you cope in a world that overlooks the battle you are fighting each day? How do you deal with people who consider you a hypochondriac just because they can’t see your pain or understand your struggle? How do you face a day when you know you will spend it in tears because you feel so isolated and alone?

I know it’s not easy, but you have to hold onto the hope that there will be a better day tomorrow. Hold on for your kids, your spouse, your family, and your friends. Hold on for YOU!

You need a rest from the fight and to allow your thoughts to settle down. If you need to cry, go ahead and cry. If you need to scream, it’s okay to do that too. Let your frustrations and your anger out, then pause, collect your thoughts, pull yourself together, and step out into today.

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  1. Rodger Francis Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Francis Ashton-Smith says:

    Thanks Penelope you are right there are some ignorant and rude people out there and I tend to keep away from them. But it doesn’t always work and I guess to ignore them as well.

  2. Quiggy
    Quiggy says:

    My husband surprised me the other day. We were in a fast food restaurant. Not our usual, but we needed food, pronto. I really needed to sit and the place was crowded with loud, obnoxious teens talking a lot of BS. My hero of a husband spoke louder than all of them saying, “Make some room she needs to sit down!” then helped me to a seat and got right back in his place in line. I was thrown a little by how forceful he was, and I have never been so proud. I think he is the only one who knows my suffering. More than my doctors, more than my friends, more than my parents. He’s the only one who really has my back. I truly feel so sorry for the people who are battling this wretched disease without the help of at least ONE person who believes in them. People are so selfish, so uncaring and so awful to their fellow man. I fantasize sometimes that these people could be forced to feel what we feel just for 30 seconds so we could watch them being dropped to their knees and see their expressions and attitudes change because they finally get it. But fantasies only help for about a minute. And in the end hope and the MS awareness t-shirt I choose to wear that day are the best weapons I have.

  3. bunny
    bunny says:

    your struggles break my heart and your fight strengthens my heart.

    people are so caught up with themselves. they judge you on something (MS monster) that they know nothing about.

    i’ve been on/off sick (bronchitis, sinus & ear infection) since mid december.
    people don’t realize it takes anyone with an auto-immune disease 2x as long to get better.

    rude, un empathetic, un educated comments fly all around.

    like you said, cry scream let out
    the frustration… then move on!!!
    embrace those around you that truly love ❤️ you.


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