The rouge monsters in my life

I have an armadillo problem. Really, I do. I woke up two days ago with a call from my neighbor asking if I had looked out at my front yard. I hadn’t yet and she told me there was an armadillo causing chaos around. Her backyard was one and my front yard was another. What destruction those creature create. I now have drag marks and holes from their rooting around for bug and such to make a meal. They are such pests. It’s been raining a lot so there was plenty of loose mud to them to dig through! That’s not the kind of thing I like waking up to. Hopefully it will find some place else to dig. Wasn’t an expected morning, that’s for sure.

I got a call yesterday from the neurologist letting me know my MRIs were what was suspected. All was calm in my brain and spine just more destruction which is why I have increased problems with weakness, etc. Nothing new there so that’s good. Now if I could just get rid of a rampant armadillo and a crazy uncontrollable MS monster, i’d be in business!

One thing about me if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ve never been a follow-the-crowd kind of person. I have always set my own pace and marched to my own drum. I think I was born with that type of mindset and purpose. Being different was my normal.

Growing up I never dressed like everyone else or listened to the music others were listening to. I developed my own style and my own taste in music. I was more a ‘sit alone and dream’ kinda person than someone sitting at the popular table. I knew if I was to be accepted into the popular crowd all I had to do was talk like them, eat like them, dress like them…basically be them. But that would require me to sacrifice my own peace and happiness. Even back then I had a joy that I brought with me which others couldn’t take away. It was the joy of me simply being me.

It takes a brave heart to be different; to realize that your worth and value doesn’t come from being like everyone else. When you are faced with multiple sclerosis, it is so tempting to follow the crowd. I discovered that all the time I spent trying to find the popular way of living was time I took away from actually living…time I could never get back. I spent hours, days and weeks looking and searching for what everyone else was doing to help them live better with MS. Some of that was truly needed, but there comes a point when your life gets so consumed with searching that you forget to live.

I want to be as healthy as I can be for me so I can live as best a life I can live, but I don’t need to find a miracle food or chase after the latest pill. I’m okay and at peace simply living. We make life so hard but in actuality it’s so simple. You really can be happy and full of peace even when surrounded by chaos.

What does your life mean to you? Your happy isn’t someone else’s happy. People are so good at putting guilt trips on us to try and shape us into the person they want us to be, but now is the time for you to be you. You will never truly be happy until you do. Being different and following your own path is the best decision you could ever make. It settles the heart and calms the mind.

Your life will look different than other people’s lives. You will do things different, move different, talk different, eat different, and be different. You might not be sitting at the popular table, but who cares! Don’t let anyone try and talk you out of your happiness by trying to tell you that they know what you need to be happy. You get to decide.

After all, it’s your life! Get our there and live it. Just if you happen to see a rouge armadillo out there or an extra sneaky MS monster hanging around, you have my permission to kick their butts.

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  1. Rodger Francis Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Francis Ashton-Smith says:

    Thanks Penelope we don’t have armadillos here in the wild but I can understand the mess they can make. You know we all need to live as we have been made not something different. We are the person we have always been and nothing can take that away. So live like that and you will find way to a peacefulness way to live.

  2. bunny
    bunny says:

    you brightened my morning and made me laugh.
    you have armadillos, we have groundhogs the size of dogs 😆.

    as always inspiring, thought provoking and a much needed reminder for all.

    i was (and can still have moments) caught up with “what’s new infatuation”, “what can i do better” self blame, am i missing something vicious 👹 circle ⭕️.

    looking back, i wasted so much time, energy and forgot who i really am.

    yes self improvement is always good, move/exercise more, eat better, organize my desk 🌪😱

    like you, i’m fortunate enough to have an outgoing personality and blessed with a free spirit (sagittarius) that i too
    mostly march to my own beat.

    we all need to give ourselves a HUGE
    bear 🐻 hug 🤗 and same to those around us that love us for who we are.

  3. Gale Langseth Vester
    Gale Langseth Vester says:

    Are any of them a pink fairy armadillo? That is just the strangest animal and name for the subspecies that I have ever heard. I only learned about it from watching ‘Weird Creatures’ on Discovery or whatever channel. A quick description is, ‘Baker visits remote corners of the planet to find the ugliest, slimiest and most bizarre animals from the elusive pink fairy armadillo, the gharial crocodile and a lizard that spurts blood from its eyes.’

    Stranger things have burrowed their ways into the memories of those of us stuck with the MonSter, I’m sure!


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