I got stuck in a crazy game of life with multiple sclerosis

I woke up today stuck inside a pinball machine. Why do I say that? Well, it’s pretty obvious. From the moment I got out of bed I found myself bouncing off the walls that lead down my hallway, running into the tables and chairs, and then I tried to slide through the space between my refrigerator and the cabinets. I think my body is stuck on permanent tilt.

I hate when that happens. It might help if there were bumpers strategically placed around my house to make bouncing a little more comfortable. Oh, and a jackpot prize for the times when I nail the ramp that leads me into the black hole of the unknown. Now, that would be amazing.

Instead of letting my walking difficulties get me down—sometimes literally—I choose to be thankful that at least I’m still in the game. Sure, bouncing around the house is not much fun, but I could have gotten stuck in a Hungry Hungry Hippo game instead and had a herd of hippos trying to eat me alive.

A life with multiple sclerosis isn’t easy. For some it may be a walk in the park with little to no symptoms, but for others it’s a daily and sometimes minute by minute struggle. You can choose to allow the struggles you face today eat you up, causing bitterness and anger to control your day…not only your day, but your life.

Or you can change your focus from looking at all your problems to realizing that there are worse things in this world you could be facing. I’m not one to downplay pain. Pain is pain and hurt is hurt no matter if it’s a paper cut, a broken heart or a messed up brain. But if all we do is look at how bad we have it, thinking we have the worst hand anyone has ever been dealt, and go about our day complaining because life is so hard, unfair and not any fun…day after day after day, it’s time to stop and make some changes.

Yes, the game of life can be the pits. Sometimes you get sent back to the start of the game, sometimes you lose a turn, sometimes you get sent to jail, but sometimes you win a prize or even the jackpot. You never know what today will bring; good or bad or something in-between. But you do have control over how you will respond to what happens. I decide to choose life! Who’s with me?!

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    i sure can relate to the trail of things i bump into but again ha it can be funny though if you let it…i have gotten stuck between things and had a #### time of moments of trying to get unstuck at time not funny but after it is …one time i was changing the sheets in our old motorhome and when i went to tuck in the bottom and went to turn around to leave the area where the bed was i was stuck then trying to get out ended up on the floor and well it did take a while to get back up in this tiny space and of course worked up a sweat just trying to get unstuck but i did do it ….now i can laugh at the time was scary for no one knew i was back in there we were getting ready to go camping so others we doing other things .but yes we can have things that get in our way but if we take a deep breath and think we can get out of it …and yes i bounce threw the house first thing in the morning and of course when it is dark in the room ..i loose lots of vision in the dark….it is weird but if i have to find the bathroom i like all the things i bump into…yes i have night lights …it is just living with MS…i just go on and on and on…laughs and smiles …

  2. Pwggy
    Pwggy says:

    Even now with a power wheelchair I still have those ‘bounces’ off door frames, cabinets, tables, pets😏Etc… sometimes can laugh but if rip off a cabinet)as have in our kitchen) it’s not funny(sniff) but can’t get down even if those hippos are after me!
    I think that others have it worse than me feel like even with what’s going on it can be worse. As we know with MS changes can change

  3. Jonathan Lee
    Jonathan Lee says:

    When people tell me that I was dealt a bad hand, I always tell them that even a hand of just to 2’s & 3’s some threes gives you a full house or 4 of a kind.

  4. Meeya
    Meeya says:

    I love that pinball-machine comparison! On those days when we lose our balance, we can just try to enjoy that free rollercoaster ride… It might seem easier to go & hide away in your rubber room – but hey, it’s so much more fun to see the funny side of it all..! 🎢 Thanks again, Penelope!!😘

  5. Sabena
    Sabena says:

    Hi Penelope, go you! What an inspirational attitude, thanks heaps for sharing your ups and downs, you’re a blessing to all of us 🙂


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