You are brave even when you don’t feel like it

Dear Weary One,

I know your heart is heavy. Right now you are on the verge of tears…tears that have been collecting deep in the spaces of your heart and flooding over into your mind. You have met reality face to face and you don’t like it one bit. Multiple sclerosis is your reality. It’s real and you feel it deep. You are finding yourself overwhelmed and challenged in every area of life, and you feel the weight of simply getting through today to be daunting. Laundry has piled up and errands are on hold as you sit alone feeling like you’re about to break.

You don’t feel very brave right now. Sure, when you go out the door with a smile plastered across your face, you are brave. But that’s a mask you wear out in public to cover the pain. Here you sit, alone, and the mask comes off. Your thoughts are running wild and the tears begin to fall. Where’s your brave when you feel numb to the core? Where’s your brave when all you see is clouds before you and not one ray of sunlight can be found? Where’s your brave then?

Think back at the times you wanted to quit because you were scared, but you kept going even though you were unsure of how things would work out. You were brave. You chose to do the very thing that scared you regardless of how much your heart was racing or the fact that you wanted to give up. You chose to do it afraid.

Everything we do in life has some risk involved. Life itself is full of risks. The moment you get out of bed you are stepping into the unknown, and that can be scary. Some days more so than others, but scary nonetheless.

When I think about what it means to be brave, I think about being afraid but doing it anyway. I think about the times I wanted to quit, but chose to keep going. Each day you venture out into the unknown…afraid…afraid of what the day may hold or of what tomorrow may bring; your knees are knocking, your palms are sweaty, you heart is trembling, fearful and uncertain, but you do it anyway…you are brave.

Bravery isn’t a pill you can take along with your handful of vitamins and meds each day. It’s not a matter of never being afraid. It means pushing through your fears and holding onto courage instead. You are brave whether you feel like it or not if you simply keep going. Remember all the things you’ve overcome, the challenges you’ve faced, the decisions you’ve pushed through…you were brave then, you can be brave again.

There truly is strength in you, a strength so amazing that even you didn’t know it was there. You’ve held on this long…that’s brave. You don’t see it, but I sure do. You are a brave warrior in this fight.

Rise up and be confident in who you are. Don’t give up just because the road is hard. It takes a strong person to wake up in the morning and face a new day surrounded by challenges, and you are doing it.

Discouragement will happen, exhaustion and stress will find you, but don’t allow your heart to grow weary too. It’s okay to let the tears flow. Sometimes that’s all you need to do to lighten the load. Let it go and find your brave today because you are brave!

A friend standing with you in the fight

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  1. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    Thanks Penelope you have a good grap on this point. I have to be careful getting out of bed as sometimes my wlheelhair has been moved and I don’t want to hit my foot on any part of it as it can hurt. This can be the only pain I get from MS fortunately.

  2. bunny
    bunny says:

    you’ve done ✅ it again 👏🏻. right on point. penelope your raw real no bs warm fuzzies and humor are why i look forward to all your posts.
    reading this is like talking to my best friend– hitting me with the good the bad and the ugly, sprinkled with encouragement and bear 🐻 hugs 🤗 coming from a kind and caring heart ❤️–
    thank you 😊 you’re a true gem 💎


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