Today put on your MS superhero cape and meet the world. You got this!

I’m sitting in my favorite chair this morning as I write my thoughts down to start my day. The air is cool…thankfully. My favorite throw blanket is lying across my lap and there’s a fire going in the fireplace. Don’t get too excited…it’s an electric fireplace with fake flames, but the heat is real when I turn it on. That’s what counts, right? I have a hot cup of coffee with me and my computer’s in my lap.

That’s a perfect morning for me. I enjoy my time of quiet solitude to collect my thoughts, reflect on times past and prepare myself for the day ahead.

Many of you live with a stable condition of multiple sclerosis. Your days are fairly predictable and you are able to plan ahead easily. You know what to expect and how to adjust to the changes throughout the day. Then there are others, much like me, who have such unpredictable days, you can’t plan well because MS changes too drastically from one moment to the next. Even in your planning you don’t plan well.

MS is a disease of change. Some deal with smaller changes, but it’s all still change. It would be so nice to know what a day will be like, to plan and be able to keep those plans, to go to parties without leaving early, to spend time with friends without falling asleep on them, to spring clean the house, wash and detail the car, and cook a holiday meal. It’s been years since I was able to do any of those things. I try though, and that’s what counts. I try to do as much as I can when I can and leave the rest to tomorrow.

If you can’t adapt to change, you will find your days hard to get through. For some, it’s not easy learning to go with the flow…to ride down the river of life rather than fighting with it. It’s okay to end your day differently than you expected, leaving things still to be done. Don’t get frustrated because your house needs to be vacuumed and yet you don’t have the energy to do it at the moment. I don’t know of anyone with an un-vacuumed house that has stopped the world from spinning causing it to tilt on its axis thus ending civilization as we know it. Your day will go on and the vacuuming can wait for another day.

Choose the important things in life to be your focus rather than the things of little importance. I’ve learned that many of the things that I thought were important really weren’t. Use your time wisely and know that YOU are what’s important, not what you can or cannot do. You are valued, treasured and needed. So today, step into the changing room, put on your MS superhero cape and step out into the world. You got this!!!

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  1. Petra Coetzee
    Petra Coetzee says:

    From the beginning I was able to take this struggle head on coming out kinda unscathed. In 2012 I had last relapse that was huge thank Heavens able to sort of keep on working. Recently thoughts of going off due to I’ll health is taking my attention, but I’m only in my 40’s😪 Must we keep on pushing or get out while you sort of still able to face life IS MY GREATEST Q now. Any advice inputs etc would dearly be appreciated please guys🤔 I’m tired of getting dressed in the morning, but feel like a loser to jump ship.

    • Penelope Conway
      Penelope Conway says:

      I am a firm believer in hanging in there while you can but giving yourself time to allow change to settle with your mind. In the end it really doesn’t matter if you keep working, take a break for short periods of time or allow yourself to start on a new adventure with early retirement. Your aren’t a loser to jump ship. It’s such a huge decision you want to be sure you are doing for you, You matter that much. In the end if staying at home more and taking up a hobby would give you peace of mine, do it. If working a smaller schedule so you can still enjoy your work and the satisfaction of completing something that you are proud to do, do it. Really it doesn’t matter what you choose, the question is are you happy with your choice and at the end of the day do you lay your head of the pillow knowing you did your best. Don’t ever do things because other people want you to do it. It’s your life and you are the one in charge. Don’t stress over the what ifs and never let others pressure you into their idea of what’s best. You only have one life. I trust you will make the best decision you can make. Take time to reflect on things now so your don’t wake up to regrets,

  2. Rodger Ashton-Smith
    Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    Thanks Penelope you are so right we do have to be alavitable to this mess so we have a good life. I have a PPMS and all changes come slowly but permately so I have to abate to these changesas they come around. But I have to recognize these changes are from MS and not a mecidly problem.

  3. Bunny
    Bunny says:

    i love it– focus on what’s important. very true i about think back on what i used to think was sooo important and in today’s reality…. isn’t. for me it’s putting things into perspective.
    my wonder woman outfit is on!!


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