An Illustrated View of Multiple Sclerosis

MS Fact #1: Fatigue
MS Fact #2: Walking difficulties
MS Fact #3: Spasticity
MS Fact #4: Numbness
MS Fact #5: Vision Problems
MS Fact #6: Dizziness & vertigo
MS Fact #7: Bladder & bowel problems
MS Fact #8: Cognitive difficulties
MS Fact #9: Pain
MS Fact #10: Swallowing problems
MS Fact #11: Heat & cold intolerance
MS Fact #12: Speech problems
MS Fact #13: Emotional changes
MS Fact #14: Itching
MS Fact #15: Tremors
MS Fact #16: Breathing problems
MS Fact #17: Hearing loss
MS Fact #18: Sexual problems
MS Fact #19: Headaches
MS Fact #20: Seizures

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  1. Heidi Weber
    Heidi Weber says:

    I am feeling and am out of control……..that is the worst I have ever felt. Depressing, but nothing to do but thinking tomorrow will be better.

    • Jim
      Jim says:

      I know your challenges. Sometimes, it’s too hard to even think about tomorrow because somehow, someway, I have to get through today without breaking down in tears. You’re not alone.

    • Sophia
      Sophia says:

      I too went through the lowest these last 2 nights. I actually had to call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline because I was feeling too low. They put me on hold for so long, I called a friend instead.

      • E. D. Ward
        E. D. Ward says:

        I just read your message please don’t give up. Your in my prayers because I to have MS and it’s been an extreme life change but I know it will get better and more manageable. May God Bless You

  2. Billie Lombardo
    Billie Lombardo says:

    I am so sick of being sick! My latest symptom to creep up is uncontrollable bowels. It has affected everything! I had to take fmla from work and my boss is not the nicest woman. If she could feel, for just ONE day what I do, then maybe there would be some compassion and understanding! I know I look fine, but lady if my ms was visible I would look like a freakin monster! 😕

    • Tricia
      Tricia says:

      So sorry to hear what you have to endure with a noncaring supervisor on top of MS! I pray things will get better for you!🙏🏽 I think we work for the same person! 😢

    • Adreanna Meacham
      Adreanna Meacham says:

      you should try and go see a urologist. my urologist help with prevent the problem with my bladder and bowels. I had it worst with bladder. your boss should know better then mess with you. cause you are protected by ADS and she can get in big trouble if she violate any of your rights under ADA.

    • Adrean
      Adrean says:

      I’m afraid to use medical marijuana. because they can not tell me for sure it will worsen my already issue with my thinking and damage MS caused to my brain. So afraid will progressive the damage in my brain.

      • Tammy Mann
        Tammy Mann says:

        Have you looked into CBD Oils. Also. I have bladder and bowel issues as well. 11 years ago I had a SP Catheter surgery. My catheter comes out of my abdomen/pubic area. Best decision I ever made. In regard to bowel; I no longer eat greasy or deep fried foods. Esp if I am not at home.

  3. Erica P.
    Erica P. says:

    When people believe you’re perfectly fine because you hide things so well that it appears you’re functioning somehat normally. So,when you mention a headache or body ache they quickly compare themselves to you and say, oh,me too! Excuse me -Do you have MS? Then, no. You dont know what it’s like.

    • Adrean
      Adrean says:

      I recently heard this saying that I tell people when they try to compare there pain to mind” I am not look sick on the outside but on the inside it feel like the MS is alien trying to kill me from the inside of my body ripping though every part of my body and trying to get though my spine. when you feel that kind of pain come talk to me.

  4. mbnelson
    mbnelson says:

    Thank you, thank you! The illustrated view of MS is a wonderful way to explain this to anyone but especially for children The drawings are eye catching. The captions are both simple and smart.
    On a more personal note, I am ecstatic to encounter a MS website that is informational and promotes positive thinking.

    • Leah Bowditch
      Leah Bowditch says:

      Hi I have been diagnosed since 2015 and just about to start my social work degree. I’m hoping I can cope with the hours. So sorry to hear you cannot do this anymore. it is a worry of mine that this will happen to me.

  5. Linda Westmoreland
    Linda Westmoreland says:

    so very true….a trip to see the doctor is major for me..just getting ready and then going and then waiting and then coming home and by then I am done for the day !!! Sounds crazy I know but true !!!

  6. Bettes S.
    Bettes S. says:

    Yes, yes…indeed. All so very true.
    Several of these aren’t on my radar screen…and I’m grateful for as long as they stay away.

    And to hear…’you look so good’ means that I must be just fine…because I know it’s not all in my head. Such a nice compliment to hear…and then I find myself questioning the speaker AND myself. It almost can feel like a form of gas-lighting at times. We’re okay….we live positively with MS>

    • Alexis
      Alexis says:

      Little did Jocelyn Rayner Conley know… chocolate-covered bacon was indeed already a real thing — and upon hearing of it, sparked the RIIIDE of her life. This summer, Jocelyn Ranyner Conley stars in: Chocolate-Covered Bacon – the Crispy Side of Chocolate. In theaters July 23rd.

    • Frank Black
      Frank Black says:

      It was recommended to try Medical Cannabis from a Legal Clinic like, has anybody tried Medical Cannabis ?

    • Frank Black
      Frank Black says:

      It was recommended to try Medical Cannabis from a Legal Clinic like, has anybody tried Medical Cannabis ?

      • mbnelson
        mbnelson says:

        If your are someone that does NOT have chronic lung infections like bronchitis then I strongly recommend using medical marijuana. At the dispensary, they should be able to recommend a type of marijuana to suit your needs.
        Good luck

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