An Illustrated View of Multiple Sclerosis

MS Fact #1: Fatigue
MS Fact #2: Walking difficulties
MS Fact #3: Spasticity
MS Fact #4: Numbness
MS Fact #5: Vision Problems
MS Fact #6: Dizziness & vertigo
MS Fact #7: Bladder & bowel problems
MS Fact #8: Cognitive difficulties
MS Fact #9: Pain
MS Fact #10: Swallowing problems
MS Fact #11: Heat & cold intolerance
MS Fact #12: Speech problems
MS Fact #13: Emotional changes
MS Fact #14: Itching
MS Fact #15: Tremors
MS Fact #16: Breathing problems
MS Fact #17: Hearing loss
MS Fact #18: Sexual problems
MS Fact #19: Headaches
MS Fact #20: Seizures

MS Gets on My NervesTeam Mystery BruiseMS Superhero

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    • Alexis
      Alexis says:

      Little did Jocelyn Rayner Conley know… chocolate-covered bacon was indeed already a real thing — and upon hearing of it, sparked the RIIIDE of her life. This summer, Jocelyn Ranyner Conley stars in: Chocolate-Covered Bacon – the Crispy Side of Chocolate. In theaters July 23rd.

    • mbnelson
      mbnelson says:

      If your are someone that does NOT have chronic lung infections like bronchitis then I strongly recommend using medical marijuana. At the dispensary, they should be able to recommend a type of marijuana to suit your needs.
      Good luck

  1. Stephanie Riley
    Stephanie Riley says:

    This is awesome! I’m so glad this has popped up for me to see and share with my family and friends. They just don’t understand my fatigue and why I fall asleep so much and wherever I am. 😔

  2. Greet Vervaeke
    Greet Vervaeke says:

    That’s me! Even when Little children look at me, just because they don’t understand why my legs don’t work the way they should. I’m the one who will start tot comunicate with them. Sometimes, parrents are a shame because off the questions off the children. They shouldnot, when the Little ones understand, they will no more stare at disabled persons. they will understand it are people just like there mum and dad.

  3. Tammy Denham
    Tammy Denham says:

    I actually had a triage nurse at an ER tell me to go home and sleep it off when I fell into her desk. I have had nurses refuse to get me a wheelchair, one nurse told me to stand up or she would have to tell me to leave, while I was standing at the ER check in slowly slinking into the floor with only my 9 year old son to help me stand up. I expect it from people on the streets that I don’t know, but ER staff?

  4. Olga M Soto
    Olga M Soto says:

    Today I was invited to a church that I’ve never been before. After the service, I decided to introduce myself to the young pastor. We started talking about how was it that we came to turn our live to the Lord, as we were just sitting there talking, all of a sudden I feel the left side of my body sliding out of the chair I was sitting on and ended up on the floor in a very nasty way. You can just imagine the reaction of this young pastor, I scared him like you don’t have no idea. While on the floor, I had to explain to him, right there, that I had Multiple Sclerosis for 13 years and I have lots of weakness in the left side of my body. But not to panic, that all I had to do was to control my body, wait for it to calm down and then get up. And he just looked at me amazed and I explained to him that in the years that I’ve been suffering from this illness I have fallen many many times and I had to learn how to get back up without no help, for there’s been times when I’ve been alone and I had to get up by myself. He just looked at me and blessed me for learning how to manage this condition that is Multiple Sclerosis.

  5. Diane Bustin
    Diane Bustin says:

    I know this feeling so well. I have had to lay down on a bench at Disney and sleep for 10 min. while my husband kept watch , just to have enough strength to make it through the afternoon and once my husband and I were furniture shopping and I found a sofa and fell asleep right there in the store. When I reach that moment that I know I can not go one more step, that is it, Down I go.

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