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I may be weak but I’m not defeated

Each day I wake up to a fight with multiple sclerosis. Some days I have the strength I need to come up swinging but some days I don’t. MS has definitely thrown me some curve balls and sucker punches over the years. Sometimes it seems as if MS gets the upper hand as it blindsides me with a blow I wasn’t expecting. Today is one of those days.

I never asked to get sick

I am encouraged by the stories online of people with multiple sclerosis who advance in their careers, run marathons, and are seen on TV giving a face to MS. I applaud them and am cheering them on. What bothers me are the numbers of people that think MS isn’t that bad, after all just look […]

Cold weather and multiple sclerosis

Cold weather is not my friend. My muscles and joints choose to stop working the colder it gets thus making moving any body part especially difficult. If you were to ever see a snowman walking (or is it snowperson? I never get those things right.), I think I would be what that looks like. I can totally understand why bears choose to hibernate in the winter. I need to take a long vacation to the Caribbean right about now…or find a way to sleep until summer gets here. I’m open to options.

Can you catch multiple sclerosis from someone that sneezes in your direction?

I sat across from a lady at Olive Garden that thought multiple sclerosis was a contagious disease and she needed to get away from me so she wouldn’t catch it. Far, far away. She even complained to a worker saying that they need to make me leave. How do you respond to people like that? At first I was stunned at the sheer lunacy of the thought that someone believed they could contract a chronic illness that destroys the nerves in a person’s body.

Multiple sclerosis pain is real

You never realize how strong you are until you are faced with a challenge that tests your strength. Many people see being strong as hiding your emotions, censoring how you feel and keeping it together at all times…basically to lie to yourself and to others that you even feel or have any problems in your life.