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What does it mean to be a positive person

There are people that misunderstand what it means to be a positive person. Some seem to think it means that you say nothing negative, think nothing negative and basically live in denial of all difficult circumstances in life. They believe that as long as you don’t acknowledge that there’s a problem, then the problem doesn’t really exist, or at least it doesn’t have control over you.

Tomorrow…life will change

No one likes to think about where Multiple Sclerosis may lead…not even me, but I can tell you from my own experience, to ignore all possibilities of progression is to live in denial. I lived there my first year after diagnosis. I refused to believe that my life was changing or would keep changing and that I needed to make adjustments.

“Oh, just get over it already”…really?

Have you ever expressed a concern or talked with someone about a new multiple sclerosis symptom you are experiencing and their response was “get over it”? I’ve always thought that to be a strange response. Get over what? Get over the pain? Get over the fear? Get over a chronic disease? What exactly am I to be getting over?

Multiple Sclerosis and cold weather

Cold weather is not my friend. My muscles and joints choose to stop working the colder it gets thus making moving any body part especially difficult. If you were to ever see a snowman walking (or is it snowperson? I never get those things right.), I think I would be what that looks like. I can totally understand why bears choose to hibernate in the winter. I need to take a long vacation to the Caribbean right about now…or find a way to sleep until summer gets here. I’m open to options.

Smile even when you’re hurting

It’s Christmas morning. I woke up and my first thought was of you. It wasn’t about multiple sclerosis and all the crazy things going on in my life because of it, it wasn’t about family that will be coming over later in the day, it wasn’t about the news and that’s happening around the world right now, it wasn’t even about the fact that I really need some creamer from the store to get me through the rest of the week.

You are not multiple sclerosis

Do you ever feel like a failure? I know I sure do and did even more so when my career ended because of multiple sclerosis, but I’m here to tell you that you are not a failure and that those thoughts are simply not true. Most people who experience their career being stripped away unexpectedly due to a chronic illness start to feel as if they are less of a person. It’s bad enough having to deal with a new life of unexpected struggles, but add to that no longer being able to do the thing we love and have been doing for years…well, it feels like a sock in the gut.