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You are amazing even with Multiple Sclerosis

Lately I’ve been losing every argument I have with my body. I haven’t been to the mailbox in days. Yes, I said days. Actually, it’s been almost an entire week. I know there is mail out there. Envelopes that are probably lonely, cold and scared of the dark, but it’s just not that important to me right now. I’m sure if there was a million dollar check tucked away in there I would be able to convince my body to venture out, but since it’s mostly all just loan offers, advertisements and bills, what’s the point?!

You can’t compare one multiple sclerosis journey to another

Have you ever had something like this happen?

You share your multiple sclerosis journey with someone and they proceed to tell you how their approach to MS or some other ailment is the only way you should be living? That because you go to doctors and take meds, you are doing it all wrong? That you wouldn’t have the struggle you are having if you would just do things their way? That if you only ________ (fill in the blank) you would feel better?

Dear Multiple Sclerosis, you’ve messed with the wrong person

Dear Multiple Sclerosis,
I want you to know that you are not the boss of me. Sure, you have made my life a living hell. You may have caused me countless tears. You may be the reason I had to quit my job, have lost seemingly great friendships, and am facing unprecedented financial difficulties. You may make my body weak, my thoughts a jumbled mess, my body tremble and my vision blurry, but you will never, and I mean NEVER, have the satisfaction of stealing my hope.

The day my world fell apart

One of the most difficult days in my life was the day I handed my boss the resignation letter that ended my career. I had been raised to take pride in my work and to work hard to make something of myself. Quitting just didn’t fit that mindset. It went against everything I knew.

To whom it may concern: An open letter about life with Multiple Sclerosis

There is an entire world filled with people who don’t understand Multiple Sclerosis. I know since you don’t live with the disease yourself it is hard to comprehend, but I hope what I have to say will help open your eyes and heart to what life is really like for me…hopefully giving you insight and understanding into the life of someone living with MS.