Entries by Penelope Conway

My topsy-turvy Multiple Sclerosis world

I live in a snow globe kind of world. The wind doesn’t blow and the rain doesn’t fall. Instead, the earth shakes and everything flips upside-down, right-side up, then upside-down again. The torrential swirls that are created sends shockwaves throughout my world and threatens to topple anything that isn’t nailed down.

You are braver than you think

I took a speech class when I was in college to help me when speaking before crowds of people. It did help, but not how you might think. I never gained the confidence to fearlessly address people, I simply learned how to do it afraid… Yesterday my bravery was tested…

A strange thing happened in my life with multiple sclerosis

One multiple sclerosis symptom that is super annoying for me is this crazy fluttering sound that is constantly happening in my right ear. The best way for me to describe what it sounds like is those times when you get water trapped in your ears and as you work to get the water out a fluttering sound pulses throughout your ear canal. That or those times when you are flying on an airplane and the air pressure changes trigger a flutter. You usual can remedy the problem by chewing gum or yawning.

I live in a messed up body

We live in a messed up world in a messed up body with a messed up disease, so when things get messed up around us…why are we so surprised? Don’t let the messes mess up your day. Sure they have a way of ruining even a good day, but hidden in the chaos are little pockets of smiles. Hang onto those smiles because they are what help get you through the most difficult times.

My multiple sclerosis scars are real

Some of the memories we keep and the stories we tell about ourselves have to do with scars. You may have a teeny tiny scar on your finger from giving your best friend a haircut or a really big ugly one on your leg from a terrible bicycle accident, and every time you look down at that scar you are reminded of what happened and how you felt in the moment even if that event wasn’t very dramatic.