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I have a to-don’t list to help me manage my multiple sclerosis life

Have you ever had a time when you had full intentions of getting something done before the day was over, but it didn’t happen? It seems I’m a pro at it. I can have something at the top of my to-do list and even have an alert on my phone to keep me reminded to get it done, but then I become so exhausted lacking any energy to lift my arms and sometimes even my head that whatever I had on my list just isn’t going to get done.

Things NOT to say to someone living with multiple sclerosis

We use words every day to communicate our opinions, frustrations, anger, appreciation and love. Many times we don’t even pay attention to the things we say or how we say them as the words tumble out of our mouths quicker than we can actually think. Those words have the ability to bring hope, tenderness and support, but they can also be used to condemn, attack and ridicule.

Living with multiple sclerosis: will you have a good day with bad moments or a bad day with good ones?

I told someone once that multiple sclerosis is a lot like a mosquito. Think about it…like the mosquito, MS is crazy annoying. You don’t see it as it buzzes about and it won’t go away no matter how much you swat at it. You don’t see its bite as myelin starts to get chewed away, but you sure feel the effects later. Oh, and in a room full of people, you happen to be the lucky one it was attracted to. What a glorious day…NOT!

Dear Multiple Sclerosis Warrior

I know you have been through a lot of pain and frustration over the years. Much of it because of MS but some simply because of life itself piling crap on top of everything you are having to deal with. Each day seems to have its own set of obstacles and struggles different from the day before, yet you keep pushing forward refusing to give up.

A multiple sclerosis broken heart really happens

There is no cure at this time for multiple sclerosis but there is a cure for a broken heart. I know some people will disagree with me about the “MS cure” statement, but it’s true. There is no 100% proven way to fix MS. We can manage our symptoms, and for that I’m extremely thankful, but there is nothing yet that will literally eradicate MS from the planet aside from a miracle.

As you climb your Multiple Sclerosis Everest…

This is for the weary ones, the tired ones, and the “I can’t go on” ones. This is for the ones who cry behind closed doors yet muster up a smile to face the day. This is for the ones who dream of the day multiple sclerosis is cured so they no longer have to deal with doctor appointments, meds, needles, pain and all the crazy MS symptoms that just randomly show up without warning.

Can you think of one good thing that has happened in your life because of Multiple Sclerosis?

Do you ever feel weird? Like you are not normal…if there is such a thing? I know I sure do. I tend to think differently than most people. I find humor in just about everything. If you hung out with me, you would find me laughing at dropping my plate full of food on the floor, joking about stumbling on invisible cracks in the sidewalk, and giggling because I lost my keys for the hundred-millionth time.

MS should stand for messy screwups rather than multiple sclerosis

Sometimes I laugh at myself, like yesterday when I accidentally dropped a cup of flour all over myself and the kitchen floor. Laughing about it was much better than crying. Besides, tears mixed with flour would have created a sticky mess. I have accidents all the time. I trip, fall, misplace things, forget appointments, and have lots and lots of mishaps. Accidents seem to be synonymous with Multiple Sclerosis. Some of us have more than others, but they seem to just be a part our life now.

Living in a storm called multiple sclerosis

Some days it feels like I’m stuck in a forever looming storm but the more I think about it, the more I realize that every storm has an end. Think about it. There is not one hurricane, tornado, tsunami or flood that is still threatening destruction. They have all come to an end. Some brought great fear and loss along with them, but they all ended.