My multiple sclerosis body is in a constant state of emergency

I hate when a storm knocks the power out unexpectedly. I have a flashlight handy for those moments along with some matches and candles to help get me through at least a few days of the pending chaos. If it should stay out longer than that I also have a small bottle of propane that I can use to cook with. It’s left over from my camping days.

Living with multiple sclerosis is much like those power outage moments. Our Central Nervous System (CNS) is short circuiting on us due to downed and broken lines. When our nerves suffer damages like that it has a tendency to affect our ability to walk, talk, eat, breathe, and even speak. It would be amazing if we could simply plug into a backup battery system or a generator to restore the power until our CNS could be repaired.

Workers are dispatched the moment an outage is discovered, but most of the time the damage to our CNS is unable to be repaired thus causing our bodies to remain in a constant state of emergency. It’s not easy, but we adapt over time.

We have learned to store up extra candles, flashlights, propane tanks and matches for any possible future outages, but those things only last for so long. For many of us, our spare flashlight has already burned out and our candles have melted.

You may be experiencing an unexpected outage right now. Those times can be scary and overwhelming. It’s not easy watching life change like that, but take it from someone living with MS…sometimes things seem to get worse before they get better. Hang in there. You can’t give up now. The storm has to come to an end.

You know that old saying “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”? Well, that’s you. You’re tough. Your strength shines through every single day. You are going to make it through this storm and you are going to have an amazing story to share.